Malawi Team – Wednesday

Lessons began at 9am as usual this morning, with standard 1 and 2 (younger children) being the recipients of the girls’ planning until 10:30, the older pupils from 11am to 1pm. The girls had really taken on board feedback from the local teachers, and from our staff the night before, and updated their lesson plans accordingly. They focussed on repetition, limiting their own vocabulary (how often would you hear Mr Sherwood to tell them to avoid using synonyms?) and ensuring their lesson objectives were clear for all. Some of the lessons we watched were brilliant.


In the afternoon we trekked back down to Butterfly space and had a quick lunch (I’m going to really miss having plantains with everything – they’re delicious!), before the playgroup began at 3pm. The playgroup run by Butterfly space gives local children an opportunity to use some of the facilities (such as a playground toys, climbing frames etc.). Our girls responded fantastically to the call to entertain around 45 african children for 2 hours. Group singing, French cricket, hide and seek, hokey cokey – the list goes on.

cred-malawi-02  cred-malawi-03

In the evening we rested and swam, before having a quick voice coaching lesson from a drama student who is staying here. In our debrief each member of staff (as well as pupils) were asked to assess how we felt things were going. A rating of 1 (not so well) up to 5 (brilliantly). All the staff gave a 5 – we are extremely proud at the moment.

cred-malawi-04  cred-malawi-05

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  1. Deshinder and Raminder Gill

    Hello Team BHHS you are all doing a marvellous job of teaching and engaging the children – adjusting lesson plans as you go along ! We are eager to read your updates and see your lovely photos – everyone smiling ! Look forward to reading tomorrow’s adventures ! Please tell Mr Sherwood that I enjoy reading his blog and find myself quietly laughing at his stories ! He should write a book on his travels. I can just imagine the look on your faces when Mr Sherwood drove by as all of you hiked up the hill! Breaking news on the home front : we have a new Prime Minister. Our second woman Prime Minister – one day it could be one of you !!! Jasneev, you have a new cousin – Meneka Puaji and Uncle Prem’s little daughter was born yesterday. Before this turns into a blog love to all of you from the Gill family. Attempt 3 at sending this message – it disappeared twice from the school’s blog !! Technology or is it me!

    • No it’s not just you , I tried a few times on the school blog and it wouldn’t post it. Xx

  2. Hello from the Cook Family… Glad to hear it’s all going well and the children seem to be enjoying themselves hope your all having a great time.. Enjoy the weather and the lake side views see you you lots Doo Dah ? (Zac) sorry couldn’t resist .. Oh and we saw a big yellow thing in the sky today ? Xx

  3. How lovely that groups of the pupils were eagerly awaiting for you before school, and, that those already in the school, cheered your arrival after assembly! That must have given you all such a boost after a long walk to the school. All of you have clearly made a wonderful difference and, new friends. Well done to all of you. And, of course, a special hug to Ella D from me xxx

  4. Hiya Bon! We are all reading the blog in not so sunny Sussex and peering at the photos looking for a glimpse of you… Your sister is 13 today and said it was weird not having you here with us! Make the most of every minute – the time is speeding by. We can’t wait to hear your adventures! Lots of love from all the Watsons and Steels xxx

  5. Hello everyone! Great to see the photos of you all – you seem to have a lot of children to teach and it’s clear that you’re all enjoying yourselves, though I bet it’s hard work! I’m glad you got there safely and feel very proud of you all. Much love, Mrs Mashford xx

  6. hi everyone, I am loving the pics and fantastic that the staff and pupils are enjoying your lessons. It can be hard to teach groups of kids and you have so many in a class !! I reckon you will all sleep for a week when you get back.
    Big hug to Sophie C. Missing you loads xxxxx

  7. Hello to all the BHHS team! You are all brilliant, it sounds as though you have adapted to your roles, please continue to make the most of every moment in this experience. Lola, we all miss you and are so proud of what you are achieving, bring back lots of stories and special memories. We love you, sending love from Milos too and everyone, Django misses you too. Be happy, love Mum Dad Raff and Django xxx

  8. Hi lola and the BHHS team! well done! by the sounds of things you all seem to be doing great! Lola, i miss you so much and am so proud of you for all your hard work. grasp every moment out there and we are all reading everyday. Would love to see you in some of the pictures!
    cant wait to see you but make the most of it !
    lots of love
    Raff xxxxxx

  9. Loving all the pictures. Sounds like you’re lessons are going really well.
    Love the video of you with Malawi’s youngest hair stylist. Keep up the good work all of you and have fun. Love you mum and dad X X

  10. Reading about the teaching you are all doing is inspiring. Sounds like a lot of hard work but that the positive impact of what you are doing will be lasting and far reaching for the children you are working with. Can’t wait to hear details from you in person when you get back Sophie C. Love you xxxx

  11. Hello Lola,

    Its too quiet here, so I hope you are making some noise over there!! So much love to you and we are thinking of you very much. I am sure you will be making the most of this amazing experience and helping the team and the children as much as you can. All our love as ever – Dad x
    PS – The dog wants you to come home now!! 😉

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