Malawi Team – Tuesday

Another day of teaching by the team at Bwelero school and what a good day it was. Everyone upped their game, many stepping out of their comfort zones to do so, and the results were some really good lessons.

Jasneev delivering her Geography lesson, Phoebe and Sophia R leading on the ‘parts of the body’ lesson, Charlotte introducing the concept of using rulers to measure sides of shapes, Ella D on flags and countries, Yasmin and Ellie M painting a large flag with the children – just a few examples of what the children learnt and participated in

Add in to that the times when the Malawi children were teaching our team words in the local language, and seeing their joy in stepping into the teacher role, and the sense of empowerment that it brought – a really great day

In the afternoon we led the Butterfly Space youth group for a 2 hour session. This was great fun but very tiring- never has ‘Hokey Cokey’ been sung so many times in one session! By the end everyone was very ready for a lie down, or dip in the lake to refresh!

Everyone continues to be healthy, to be eating well, and drinking plenty, and enjoying the walk to and from the school morning and afternoon – all in all a happy team.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is up to the school again followed by home visits to see more clearly what rural life is really like for the children we are working with

Please keep the comments coming, it is lovely to hear from home.

Love from us all

Team Malawi


  1. Sounds like you’re all having a great time. Hokey Cokey always a favourite. Hope you’re all learning and enjoying the local language. Do your best and look after each other. Lots of love X

  2. Lovely to hear from from you again .. Sounds amazing.. Miss you Zac all good here.. Have fun and be happy love from Mum,Dad,Jade Aiden,Sonny and Roberto xx

  3. Better and better! The enthusiasm and commitment from the girls grows stronger each day. Well done on the lessons; Ella we’re so glad your ‘flags & countries’ was successful. Immensely happy for you all ….. and very proud. Keep enjoying the place and the people.

  4. I would love to be there! I’m delighted that it’s all going so well, and well done Ella D for your successful lesson on Flags and Countries. Well done to you all, teachers and pupils alike, as you are all learning so much from each other. A special kiss for Ella D xx

  5. You guys are working so hard and I am so so proud of you all.
    Big kiss to Sophie C, missing you lots xxx

  6. Hi Phoebe,
    Message from Delphi will make you laugh , love you X ( Portugal won European Cup who we were supporting as Nani is from Mindelo ) x also let Sophia know I just sent Phil this link so hopefully will be in touch.

    Hi mum
    Yeah it wss in lisbond well i fell down the stairs and i was told to sit by a wibdow so i saw the football team arrive and on öf them shook my hsnf and another gave me a hug it was so cool love u so much
    Delphi X X XXXXX?????

  7. Hello all , you sound to be doing a great job. We are proud of you. Have fun and continue to enjoy this fantastic experience. Special love and kisses to Lola XX

  8. Hi Sophia, wow it looks amazing out there. Loving the photos. Good to hear you and Pheobe are leaching together. Love and hugs, Phil, Paula, Lucy n Bea xxxx?????????

  9. Hi Sophia
    Bea has been into school with me so is having a ‘fun’ time too??!!!! Photos look amazing. Huge love and hugs. Mum ❤️?????

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