Malawi team – Monday

Hello everyone. Another update from team Malawi here.

Sorry for lack of photos, Internet is really struggling here so trying to find enough bandwidth for photos is hard. But, delighted to say that the cases and resources have all turned up except one which we are assured is on its way.

And today we had our first day at school which was just wonderful. The children were so receptive and enthusiastic to all the lessons and activities, even the ones that maybe weren’t pitched quite right.

Everyone had a go at doing some teaching, either from the front or in small groups; and we all loved having the chance to chat with the children and get to know them a bit.

The walk to and from the school was really good as well and although very uphill on the way there it was definitely worth it for the time at school as a result, and all the happy hellos from people we passed. Everyone is so friendly here, so different from back home where people would think we were mad if we were so smiley and saying hello to everyone!

There has been a lot of learning on our part from today and as a result a lot of planning and reviewing lessons this evening.

But also some nice downtime relaxing by the lake and watching the sun go down.

Now it is time for dinner and then help Casey celebrate her birthday under African skies
Looking forward to more special times tomorrow.

Love to you all from us all


  1. Great to hear how friendly everyone is. I didn’t know anything about the luggage being lost but so glad it’s nearly all with you now.
    Miss you loads Sophie C . and am sure you are having a memorable great time, so proud of you. Xxx

  2. Watching the sun go down sounds beautiful and happy hellos sounds great too. Glad to hear the weather and the welcome is warm and sunny.

    Hope you are enjoying it all Soph C and am very proud you are doing this. You will have have brilliant memories from this trip, the work you are doing, and the people you are with. Xxxx

  3. Congratulations to all the girls for their first day of teaching. Enjoy the challenge, enjoy the sunset and enjoy the people. Happy birthday Casey
    We are so proud of you all

    Jan and Bren ( Edens parents)

  4. Lovely to hear from you! It sounds lovely and I hope you all have a wonderful time. I miss you lots Ella D!! Glad everyone is so welcoming, have a lovely evening xxx

  5. Excellent to have news from Nkhata Bay! Must be challenging for our girls to pitch the lessons accurately for a totally unfamiliar, ‘foreign’ audience. Hope all continues well. Happy Birthday Cases. Love to all, especially Ella D.

  6. That is Casey, not Cases!

  7. Hello you amazing people from sunny worthing( for a change) .. Glad to hear your all ok and have the luggage problem sorted.. Sounds amazing what I would give to see an African sunset everyone sends their love Zac and Dads doing well.. So don’t worry and make some more beautiful memories with these beautiful children love you lots xxx

  8. Deshinder and Raminder Gill

    Greetings from the Gill family in Hove ! Glad you are all happy, safe and almost reunited with your luggage. We are so proud of all of you for making this journey and for making a difference where it matters – sounds like a lot of smiles and happy children and adults. We can appreciate our teachers more now we know how much hard work goes into lessons !
    Enjoy yourselves and keep smiling. Happy Birthday Casey – lovely treat to celebrate your birthday under African skies. Missing you Jasneev – the house is very quiet ! Look forward to seeing some photos. Love from Dadaji and all of us

  9. Enjoy the African skies ,they are magical, I miss them.
    Hope you enjoyed your first day of teaching and all the wonderful children .Your little sister has arrived in Sao Vicente, so you’re both In the same continent.
    Have a fantastic time gorgeous, love you so much enjoy X

  10. Christina, Murdo and Isobel

    Hello from the Munro family. Very glad to hear you have all arrived safely and now have all your luggage, well almost. It sounds as though you will have an amazing rewarding experience and we hope you and all the children in the school enjoy the week. Very proud of you Phoebe.
    Looking forward to seeing photographs including some of the African sunsets.
    Lots of

  11. It all sounds great, the sunset, Africa, the lake and all of your “new” friends. I’m so glad that almost all the luggage has arrived. I hope the last one arrives tomorrow! Ella D I miss hearing your voice and I send you love. Happy Birthday Casey! Lots of Love, Ella D’s Aunt, Julie xxx

  12. Wonderful to hear all is going well… Watching the African sunset by the lake sounds idyllic ! glad you are all enjoying the lovely experience of the country & friendly people of Malawi!

    We are so proud of you Danya! Hope you enjoy this experience & bring home some wonderful memories… Good luck with the teaching & all the challenges it brings.. We all love you and miss you very much xxx

    • I’m so proud of you Danya good luck with everything you do for the children, a memory you will never forget. Can’t wait to hear all the wonderful stories you bring back to the U.K. Missing you lots I hope you can also bring back some photos to share with us all.
      Lots of Love Auntie Leila xxx

  13. Hello from Aung’s family. Our house is slightly quiet without you but your sister Olivia and her friends are making a lot of noises today !
    We are glad that you arrived safely and we saw your lovely picture with children. We are really proud of you.Please enjoy your time with the friendly Malawi people . Looking forward to see more photos. We miss you. Take care. Mum ,Dad, Olivia and Monty

  14. Hi Everyone, sounds like you’re having an amazing time ! We’re missing Anna like mad but enjoying reading the blogs ! Make every moment an amazing memory. Have fun and can’t wait to see you ! Lots of love, Mum, Katia and Sophia !!! Xxx

  15. Hope you girls are all having fun and the kids are having an amazing time .
    Love you gorgeous x

  16. Christian B and Bertie B

    Hello all , especially Miss B.

    Crikey, it all looks and sounds wonderful there! Great to hear you’re having such an adventure (and the luggage turned up). Keep posting the photos and updating the bhhsmalawi.wordpress blog; excellent stuff and lovely to hear first-hand accounts of life 4784 miles away.

    I like to propose the inaugural Nkhata Bay Prize for Art (step aside Turner Prize…). Two categories: 1) Best Work of Art and 2) Even Better Work of Art Because Done Only With Stuff Found There Already. For full competition rules apply to Miss Bournon, who will make them up as she goes along.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love from Christian and two wags and a lick from Bertram Bournon Spaniel of Sussex

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