Bulgaria Team – Saturday and Sunday

Apologies for not blogging yesterday – it was an action packed day filled with much fun and sadly a camera malfunction!  So you will have to wait for the full stories in person from your delightful children.

Today we said goodbye to Stara Zagora and journeyed back to Sofia.  It was a day of souvenir buying, sight seeing, escape room team games and of course food!

I know the team are all looking forward to seeing you all and sharing their many stories from the week – but for now they have their final thoughts to share with you as our week together draws to a close…


Even though the time we spent was short, the work we achieved was timeless.

~ Miles


I’ve learnt so much that I wouldn’t learn in my everyday life. This whole experience has taught me to overall grab opportunities.

~ Lauren


This trip has given me some of my best memories and it has enabled me to approach life’s difficulties with a smile on my face.



As this was my first time visiting another country I was a little nervous however, words cannot possibly explain how incredible this trip has been. It has taught me life long skills and things that I have never experienced before. I will remember this trip and the fun I had for the rest of my life. A massive thank you to everyone who organised this trip and those who came as we all made it memorable for life.

– Francesca


An incredible week, one of the best of my life; experiences I will never forget, memories that will never fade!



Words will never be able to describe our amazing experience here but our actions will be forever told to others.



The last week has been extremely rewarding and successful. The memories and experiences from the past week will never be forgotten and will always be treasured for the rest of our lives



This week has shown me that all the small things that I take for granted on a daily basis could have one of the biggest changes to those less privileged.



This week has been a true experience of a lifetime. Thinking back on the past week has made me realise that all the small things we take for granted could mean a great deal to someone else. I honestly couldn’t think of anything to beat the amazing experience I have had an the generosity I have been shown.



I realised this week that it is the simple things in life, which can brighten someone’s day. I feel honoured that I was able to bring make such an impact on the lives of others with just the simple things. It shows that if we all do a little we can impact someone’s life a lot.



Always remember the present but never forget the past. Remember you can catch a fish for someone which can feed them for a day or you could teach them how to fish which can feed them for a lifetime. Teaching the kids this week and being able to understand and learn the Bulgarian culture was a huge life changing experience that I will never forget but what I will cherish for the rest of my life.



The relationships we’ve built as a team and individually will always be cherished and remembered.

People like Gancho, Dian and Vicki will never be forgotten.

The communities that we have visited will always remember our visit, though not long but they will never forget the impact that we have made to their lives.

The fence we have painted may get dis-coloured – rusty and the crops may re-grow, but the children will remember that as a team we made a difference to their school and the principle and students will remember it for a lifetime.



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  1. Teaching can be a hard profession but it’s the moment we share as teachers with students that make it rewarding. I write to parents/guardians to convey that I have shared the week with inspirational young adults. I have witness them rise to challenges, be positive role models to school children and aspire to young adults that I am proud to know. Your children are the reason I teach and it has been a privilege to spend time outside the classroom with them. You are all inspirational individuals and I am honoured to have taught you. I will convey to the school how you have been ambassadors in Bulgaria. Keep in contact.

    Mr Davis

    I would also like to thank Ian, Danielle and Hannah for truly inspirational leadership and making the trip a success. Timeless memories I will cherish.


  2. Again as a parents we can not thank you enough for guiding our son Alastair and the rest if the kids thank you so much Mr Davies, Ian,Danille and Hannah???
    Have a blessed trip back home guys. See you all soon! God bless you all always?

  3. Hey, guys ?
    I am so happy that I had the chance to meet you all. It was a great pleasure spending the whole week with you. I will never forget it. Take care and hope to see you soon in Bulgaria.

  4. Wendy and Andrew Oke

    It has been a week since the Miles and rest of the team returned from Bulgaria.
    We just want to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You to Ian, Hannah, Danielle, Helen and Mr Davis making this trip happen. The planning and travelling to another country with this number of young up-coming adults is no easy task. This has has been an amazing experience for Miles and that will stay with him for life and not to mention the life skills gained.

    Thank You

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