Bulgaria Team – Friday

Today the working week ended! On our last day working with the children of Stara Zagora, we met with the same kids as yesterday – being recognised and saying our hellos was great, especially with the younger kids who got very excited to see us again – and split them into the same groups. Today, however, we took the through the values of Respect, Determination and Inspiration, everyone giving their own small mini-speech (with the help of our translators) to explain their perspective of value, and give the kids ideas that they can take away, to use in their daily lives and to think about. Afterwards, we played a series of value-related games and activities, and then repeated each session with every group. We had great fun, more so than yesterday as they were all much readier to get involved with people they knew (as well as us using games that they would enjoy), particularly at the end of the session where the whole 40 kids got together and we had a competition to see who could mummify a pair of kids the best (with toilet rolls of course). Team Determination won, although obviously they cheated and Team Respect deserved to win. But we let them take the win. Because you know. Respect.




After everything, we had a big goodbye-session, involving many group photos and selfies; after the kids had gone we had ourselves a nice picnic, with sandwiches and crisps (and plenty of Coca-Cola), and relaxed by a beautiful fountain until we set off to the Roma community. We hiked there, walking a good while up a mountain to get to the Roma settlement. There, we saw the vast range of conditions people lived in; everything from extravagant, multi-coloured homes to Soviet-era apartment blocks, to unfinished, graffiti-covered bungalows. The roads were heavily eroded and the small river beneath a sewer/aqueduct/bridge was clogged with rubbish and waste. However, the people seemed happy when we encountered an on-going street party, with music and dancing, and they were friendly enough too. After this eye-opening experience, we made our way back to the hotel (with a quick stop at Gancho’s office to rest our feet), where I am now writing this blog!


By Stephen.


The Park:

IMG_1543 IMG_1631 IMG_1640 IMG_1703 IMG_1722  IMG_1738 IMG_1609 IMG_1735 IMG_1593 IMG_1582 IMG_1530 IMG_1547 IMG_1550 IMG_1574 IMG_1579 IMG_1508 IMG_1494 IMG_1484 IMG_1475 IMG_1465  IMG_1415 IMG_1536 IMG_1691 IMG_1425IMG_1697 IMG_1712 IMG_1742 IMG_1752 IMG_1756

Walking Tour of the Roma Community:

IMG_1775 IMG_1784 IMG_1789 IMG_1790 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 IMG_1772

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