Uganda team blog – Wednesday

From Abbie & Nay:  Today we all found this was the best day so far. Everything all seemed to run smoothly, despite smashing a light and children trying to drink bubble mix! We all seem to have bonded really well with the community and ended up having an impressive dance off to Justin Beiber’s classic ‘Baby’.


(Photo: the dance off in the street which attracted crowds who all joined in with our dancing – great fun on what was a public holiday here!)

Abbie – Today the other half of the group went on home visits. It was quite shocking to see how they live their everyday lives and how little they have, but also how happy they are. The lady I visited was called Christine and she had 4 children all living with her in a tiny little house. As we left she asked me to pray with her for her money circumstances and that her children could get a good education. Despite not being very confident when praying with people, I felt really good that I was able to support and bless her. If anybody back home would like to pray for her that would be much appreciated.

At first I didn’t like the children climbing all over me and trying to pull at my hair, and to be honest I still don’t, but I do feel good that they are so happy to play with us and are so comfortable with us.

To all those who were worrying, yes I am eating and drinking plenty! Clarri – are you missing your Bæ? Mum – Have fun! Nancy – get out of your room! Dad – Do I have doors on my wardrobe yet?  #TheBanter


Nay – After initial nerves being introduced to a team of complete strangers, I have grown to realise that each of us offers something unique and wonderful to the children of Uganda as well as holding together an incredibly strong support network for one another.

Visiting the houses of those living in the community was not only a very sobering experience but also one to learn from: unlike the techno-zombie children of England, Ugandan children spend the majority of their lives in the freedom of the outdoors despite their enslaving situation of poverty.

Even though the children cling to you from all directions, forming a human climbing frame, the pure joy on their faces after being congratulated melts my heart. If they can love me as a sweaty, sandy mess then surely just our presence will make all the difference in the world.

Su- Shaun and I want to thank you so very much for all your support! Sion and Dave- Love you guys, I hope the uni celebrations are going well <3 Mom and Dad- Thanks for the squidgy kisses, a little embarrassing but I’ll take them J

Thank you for everyone’s support so far, keep the comments coming they make for great entertainment in the evenings!

PS Tracey Twinberrow: Innocent has changed so much, he shook hands with us today instead of high-fiving!

Love Abbie and Nay xx





  1. Great to hear all is going well and loving the photo s. Quick message to Sammy happy birthday for tomorrow(Thursday). Will have a little party on your behalf.

  2. Wow sound like an amazing day well done all. Xxxx

  3. We are loving reading the blog each day, glad you are all enjoying it.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW SAMMY! (Thursday). Now you are an adult maybe you will put your stuff away ha ha. Love you loads,

  4. Lovely to see more photos today especially as you’re in them Kacy. I bet the dance off was great( bet you loved it , you’re sister would of as well especially as you were playing bieber) lol great you’ve all had a great day, cherish every moment. Watching the footy, Ronaldo just scored, 2-0 to Portugal. Booooo. Amdy Murray is through to the final though. Enjoy your last few days. Look forward to tomorrow’s blog.
    PS Kacy your sister came 5th at cheer comp, shame because they smashed it, best routine all season ???? ? xxxxxxx

  5. Hi Kayla I really miss you anyway your not the best child we both are how long until your home I miss you please tell the children are brilliant also teach them gymnastic and I also came gold they Got abit cunfused whith me gorga and blossom and meriea it was a long day and very tiring but the Hotel was sweet mum has got snapchat now and like always she is being very anbarrising to me I like the pichures I will love you and leave but see you on sunday. BYE BYE??❤️❤️????

  6. Happy Birthday Sammy! Big hugs from Ben and Neet!

  7. Happy Birthday Sammy for tomorrow. S

  8. So great to read your blog Nay and Abbie! Am feeling the emotion from here. Keep loving the children and carry on the great team work. Grandma send much love. Huge hugs and kisses , Nays mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Nay, very encouraged reading your blog entry. Sooooo glad you are enjoying time with the children and with the team. Real answer to prayer. Keep dancing (like in Italy). Wish I was there to embarrass you! The sad thing is that Wales lost tonight. But you can’t have too many good things all in one day! Missing you. Dad xxx to the power of one million

  10. Jordan it really Looks like your having great fun and I can’t wait till u come home it’s so quiet as your not there talking and singing all the time. Miss you loads love u sissy see u soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ????

  11. Na, fab that you’re enjoying Africa … Isn’t it magical?! The kids will be loving you! Wish I was there too. Love you loads. Keep safe, Andy (uncle?) xxx

  12. Yay, lots of people are asking after you Abbie, good to read your message, and will definitely pray for Christine and her children – you are amazing, I’ll tell them to put your name on the prayer rota at church!

    Clarri now has a new bae – ME! Nancy left her room on Saturday and is now firmly ensconced back in it! After visiting Christine’s house I don’t think you should be questioning having doors on your wardrobe! I know you want me to have fun! Have fun yourself! p.s Nicky is still alive and well, last seen wandering towards one stop!

    Lots and lots of love xxxxxx

  13. Bet you were in your element during that dance off jordan ! And do you remember drinking bubbles when dad and I got married ? Keep up the amazing work you are doing , so proud
    Lyl xxx

  14. Francesca calzolari

    Hi Gabii sounds like your sort of day with a dance off , it’s so emotional for us at home to read these fantastic blogs so proud of u love u so much mum xxxx

  15. (Clarri) FYI Abbie my new bae isn’t mum, in fact Cerys and Beth are having to suffice as your replacements! However, I think you might have to come home soon because our attempt at a day out involved us getting the wrong bus to the mall, so getting off at Filton and naively believing we could walk from Filton to the mall in 20 minutes ready to see our film. However, after detouring to KFC (priorities obvs!) and then running through Filton carrying a bag of KFC and catching another bus we ended up in Patchway and very much disproved our theory, meaning we missed our film. We later missed our bus home (because we went to Starbucks) – it was a shameful day on our part. So either I need to turn 17 so I can drive, or you need to return as my chauffeur!
    ILY Clarri

  16. Actual photo’s Tors 🙂 someone caught you with your guard down! – thank you, whoever you are.
    Saw Tem today at school, she asked how you were getting on and said she will catch up when you get back.
    Carry on having fun, working hard, and making new friendships and experiences – it’s going so fast.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe your gonna be 18 finally!!! Can’t wait to see you when your home
    Look like you are all having an amazing time!!!

  18. Loved reading this post Nom!! Miss you n love you loads. You are wonderful and you are going have such a positive impact on Uganda xxxxxx Jamie, Mummy June, Shaun and Duncan hope you’re all enjoying yourselves too now that you’ve settled in! Love you all lots xx

  19. (Dad) So glad your all having a great experience and helping so much. So proud of you Abi.

  20. Great to read the blog, makes us feel involved even though we are so far away. Sounds like you are all blessing these people in abundance, God is using you all in a miraculous way, carry on sharing the love. I will pray for you all and especially for Christine. Lots of love to Shaun from all of us back at home xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Sounds like you’re having a great time Nay!! I bet they all love you, you’re doing such an amazing job. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!:) xxx

  22. Sounds amazing Abbie! We missed you tonight and looking forward to hearing all about it when you’re back. Love Kayte x

  23. Dad has handed me the tablet so this will take longer to write than read! He’s watching the news. Andy went to 5 sets against zonga, now plays berdych in the semi finals. Sadly wales lost 2 0, they did not let themselves down. Entertainment unlimited was well attended, we sat at the back so that when dads shoulders moved nobody saw. I love it when dad hands me the blog to read, you are all learning a lot from your time out in uganda, the smiles in the photos say it all. Be assured I’m keeping you all in my prayers. That’s taken 40 mins so I’ll say goodnight and bless you all, you’re doing great things out there. Love Debbie and Stuart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Andrew Bellenger

      Hi Leonie and friends, it’s really great to read about the fantastic work you are all doing in Uganda.
      I was with Debbie and Stuart last night in the back row at St Wilfrid’s Church for the amazing Entertainment Unlimited. What you need to know is that Entertainment Unlimited is one of Leonie’s guilty pleasures and she will have been disappointed to miss this concert. I thought I would post some lyrics below and maybe you could have a sing-a-long so Leonie doesn’t feel left out…

      Daddy wouldn’t buy me a bow-wow! bow wow!
      I’ve got a little cat
      And I’m very fond of that
      But I’d rather have a bow-wow
      Wow, wow, wow, wow


      So, my old man said follow the van
      and don’t dilly dally on the way
      Off went the cart with the home packed in it
      I walked behind with me old cock linnet
      And I dillied, I dallied and I dallied and I dillied
      I lost the van and don’t know where to roam

      That’s all from me.
      Have fun and keep up the good work,
      with love and prayers, Andrew xxx

  24. So glad you’re having such an amazing time Nay, missing you loads and loads!! Enjoy the rest of the time and can’t wait to see you super soon xxxx

  25. Edgars Kaminskis

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!! Sad we can’t celebrate here although your doing something great so it’s okay 😛 ! Anyway enjoy your day 🙂

  26. Glad to hear that it is going well Jordan. Hope you continue to have a fabulous time there. Thinking of you. Love from the Curtis Clan X

  27. So proud of you Jordan! Keep doing what you’re doing, it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself so much!! Missing you millions though. I don’t want your fun to end but can’t wait to have my bestie back!! Love you xxx

  28. Happy 18th birthday Sammy my little squirrel!!!! It’s so strange knowing you’re in Uganda right now while I’m laying in bed here haha!! Hope you are having an unforgettable experience and enjoying every moment of it, you are doing an amazing thing and should be so proud of yourself. See you when you get back and have a wonderful birthday 😀 love ya xxxxx

  29. Tracey and Dave Oakes

    Hiya Phoebe, glad to hear you all had a good day, hope you are taking lots of photos, all is well at home and Maggie has been having cuddles though she is missing you in the evenings. We are all so proud of you. Hope you all enjoy today. Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. Wow, sounds amazing nay!! I’m so glad your enjoying it and I’m super proud of you! Missing you lots and I can’t wait to hear about your experience when you get back!xxx

  31. Sorry for it being late glad everything’s going well for you all BETH are you ever going to leave me a sneaky message like the others and are you going to answer the questions about the suitcase and miriam,but obviously your all busy making those extra special memories keep it up??xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. Happy Birthday Sammy!! I’m sure whatever you are up to today, it will be an amazing way to spend your birthday! Loads of love from us both xxxxx

  33. Enjoying the blog – and look forward to reading it each day. Keep up the good work! Love to all – especially quadrillions of kisses to Jamie – dad. PS Portugal beat Wales 2:0 in the semis of the Euros, and Andy Murray plays Berdych in the Wimbledon semis tomorrow.

  34. Hope you showed them a few of your dance moves gabs. ? they are some what of an art in themselves haha. Glad to see and hear. your having a great time. Hope your laminated numbers, letters and pics bare going down a treat. Enjoy every second of it sweet. Not much is going on back home. Weathers been good but its a bit cloudy today so im chilling in doors today. PS… Baz says hi. ? xx

  35. Ah Victoria I am sure this must’ve taken you back to your Justin Beiber days when your room was full of Justin memorabilia, the trip to the 02! All good fun!! Hope you have had a great day today xxxxxxxxxxxxx love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. Jenny Gilbertson

    It sounds as though you are all having an amazing time and doing amazing things for the people you are meeting – I am praying for all of you and for them loads. Duncan, I bet you were really up for a Justin Bieber dance off!!! Don’t be camera shy – I need proof you are still there! (Nay / Shaun – push him in front of a lens!) Lots of love, kisses to the power of 10 and we are missing you loads x

  37. Thinking of you P 🙂 Hope you showed off your fab dance moves to your fave JB!! Keep up the good work x

  38. Helen Stanworth

    Would have loved to see the dance off. Sounds an incredible time. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Love to Nay and Shaun from Paul, Helen, Katie and Adam -somewhere in the Welsh mountains.

  39. Happy birthday sammy enjoying reading your blog I owe you a bottle when you come home enjoy yourself xxxxxx

  40. Heya Caleb!
    The dance off sounds awesome – I hope you showed them your moves 😉
    Loving the pictures, more please!!
    lots of love x

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