Uganda team blog – Thursday

SAMMY’S FINALLY 18!!  It was another good day here in Uganda.

Me (Tori) and Vicki had a good time making sure the kids didn’t spill fabric paint down themselves or others, even if the floor did need mopping after. In Sammy’s group everyone LOVED using the glitter for their headbands (except Jamie).

After we had finished our lessons, we visited the quarry. We all had a go at smashing the rocks.  Some were better than others and we left with only a few minor injuries. The lady Vicki and Tori visited during home visits was left blind in one eye due to a serious accident whilst breaking the rocks. This again highlights really how dangerous this work is, and for only less than 5p an hour how much hard work goes into making a living within the Acholi quarter. For me (Vicki) the hardest part was seeing the children take part in this dangerous work.

We then walked down to the (grassless) field to do some free play with all the children in the shanty town. Whilst walking through it was even more eye opening to see the living conditions and houses and the sewage that runs through the street. Many of us took a back seat due to the number of children and the aggression of the football game.

Sammy- Thank you everyone for all the birthday messages! I’ve had an amazing day, I even got cake from John and Sophie which basically had fireworks coming out of it so I don’t mind you eating all my cake at home today! I have been sung happy birthday too many times to count but it has lifted all our spirits. Today has been the hardest day emotionally for me, but I still only miss Smudge, sorry Mum and Dad…I hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet without me, I hope you are prepared for me to drown you in stories when I get back! WOO I’M AN ADULT!

Tori- Mum give Zach a big hug I know he’ll be missing me!

Victoria (Vicki)- Mum, you don’t have to worry about my gym membership going to waste as a girl called Namosuka and all her friends are keeping me active, it’s just I’m picking up children instead of weights. See you soon and give Ollie a massive hug from me and tell him I will make sure I take some pictures of the planes in the airport!

P.S- We are all enjoying watching Leonie cry with laughter over the Entertainment unlimited and breaking a cup in the process. If you can, please attach a video.

P.P.S -Gabii- Mum I’m missing you all loads, to everyone else who commented yeah my dance moves were on point, Dan I even taught them my signature move! I love you all millions and I’ll see you soon.


  1. Hello to my lovely Naomi Ruth 🙂 surrogate mummy here, hope you are having an absolutely fab time. Enjoy every minute missing you and can’t wait to see you. Love ya loads and loads, big hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( hope these kisses get you up on the leader board 🙂 but I mean everyone of them )

  2. Jordan , have a feeling one of the minor injuries from rock breaking would be you – you are so clumsy ! I’ve been texting Gina and Courtney so I don’t miss you too much ! Joking ,we all miss you lots , enjoy your last day teaching tomorrow you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime
    Lyl xxxxxx

  3. Hello NAY,

    I’m expecting some sweets from Uganda !! Have a good time but seriously some sweets would be good from Lou Lou

  4. Missing u so much Jordan wish u could come home sooner but I know that your having so much fun out there and doing great work and also sacconenjolys are at summer in the city yay ??love u loads sissy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx????✨?❣

  5. Oops forgot the kisses

  6. Glad to hear you are building those muscles up, and great to hear from you! Friday already tomorrow the week has gone so fast! I am sure you will all be feeling the same! Have a lovely day and make every moment count! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hello to my beautiful cousin Nay ? Your blog yesterday had me in tears, I can’t describe how very proud we are of you. You guys are an inspiration & what you are doing is absolutely amazing! Hope you are all having a fantastic time. Stay safe & have fun. Love you Nay xXxXxXxXxXxXx

  8. Francesca calzolari

    Hi Gabii hope you are still having a n amazing time and are spreading round your brilliant hugs to everyone, we are so pleased you have had this amazing experience, these blogs are amazing and yes have had me in tears I’m a very proud mummy love u xxxxxxxxxxxx❤️?

  9. Yohhhh gabiiii !!! Miss you so much girl but it’s making my day seeing you having such an amazing time 🙂 keep on dancing and smiling take care and enjoy every minute 🙂 xxxxx

  10. Mia Findlay and Tora Rostad Pedersen

    To Gabrielle,
    We are delighted to hear that you’ve been so busy, and hope that your days are going well. We’ve been busy at home, and can’t wait to tell you all about it, and hear about all of your misadventures. Everyone at home and on the island is so proud of you, and we all wish you the best with this wonderful experience. Sending you a thousand hugs and kisses, and eagerly awaiting your return.

    All our love – Mia and Tora

  11. Hi Sammy, glad you had a great birthday. Just to let you know Smudge isn’t missing you she is giving me oodles of cuddles but your dad and I are missing you! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hope everyone is having a fab time. Nay- I MISS YOU!!! Love you loads xxxx Jamie, Mummy June, Duncan and Shaun, praying for you and love you all xoxoxo

  13. Sammy wow you made it now the hard bit pretending to be an adult. It all sounds such an amazing experience.

  14. Oh – I see how it is!!! Zach gets the hug 🙁 I’ll just go sit in the corner – or at the bottom of the garden and eat worms (if Zach hasn’t got there first!) 🙂
    Don’t forget Stuarts photo’s if possible.
    Love you

  15. I’m so proud of all your hard work Kay , Yates boring without you so I would love too have you back ,, stay safe and I’ll see you when you get back lots of love X

  16. Tracey and Dave Oakes

    Enjoy your last day with the children Phoebe, can’t wait to see you and give you a massive hug, love you lots ❤️ Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Sounds excellent. Wonder what all this will reveal to you about life in Britain? Safe journeys back…

  18. Nay these are for you ???????????????????????xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you Su x

  19. It’s Friday last day teaching, and tomorrow I believe you are visiting their maternity unit which will be a huge eye opener. Can’t wait to have you home, but also wish you could spend Longer out there teaching the kids xxxx

  20. Hi Nay, enjoy your last day or 2. I bet you would like longer there but we do miss you. Take loads of photos to show us. Sending you big love, mum & dad xxxxx

  21. Hello Caleb, sorry Ididn’t leave a message yesterday! Achievement Evening at school this evening and you won the Andy Kane Drama Award! Exciting! Mrs Clare-Hudson has written some words to go with it and she really wants you to hear them at some point! It was great to see a picture of you in Wednesday’s blog holding a little one up in the air! I hope you joined in with the dancing yesterday! Sending loads of love and praying for you all everyday. Enjoy every precious minute with all those children. Mum x

  22. Reading all these blogs makes me happy, what a wonderful experience, Gabii!! Missing you like cray cray! Oh so proud of you, hopefully you have been getting my daily texts too!! Keep up the great work that you and your companions have been doing, love you millions
    Ry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Hello all,
    we all hope you enjoyed the singalong to go with your dancing. I am afraid there was no dancing this end due to age limitations, but we will let you know that like you doing good causes out there, a fair amount was made for the Mothers Union charity back home.
    We really hope you have enjoyed your time out there, safe in the knowledge that you all really have made a differance to the people you have met and helped. You should be truely proud of what you have achieved,
    Bit of sports news for Leonie, Pompey played their first pre-season friendly this week. 3-0 up at half time then 16 substitutions later drew 3-3!!!!! Interesting times. Apparently it eould help if you had a goalie!!
    France v Portugal in Sunday s final.
    Federer out of Wimbledon
    Andy Murray at present 1 set up.
    Awaiting last blog
    Love Debbie and Stuart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Hey Nay,

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time while you are away. Seen any lions??? If not I’m disappointed :// but seriously, hope you’re having a great time and obviously miss you loads,

    Josh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  25. Matthew P Nolder

    Hi Beth, Dada here! Hope you are fulfilling everything you wanted to achieve and more out there in Uganda. Guessing Brenda is keeping you busy along with all the other children. Us three are so proud of you baba and no doubt your brain cogs are whirring and in overdrive thinking how you could possibly return in the future! See you soon and don’t forget Mumma’s giraffe! Love you, Dada. A thousand million trillion kisses are sent to you along with a thousand trillion more and then some xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

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