Bulgaria Team – Wednesday

Today was a day that consisted of surprises. First being dropped off at the wrong place and the cabs leaving us, we then had to find our own way to the home. Arriving at the residential home we were met with lovely children who unfortunately had severe special needs. As this was unexpected it did become very emotional for some. We also had a lot of improvisation to do as we had to make up activities on the spot because we hadn’t planned to cater for individual needs that we weren’t aware of. It was hard to know what each child wanted to do in terms of whether they were more interested in things that involved sound, touch or movement, however as the time went by we were able to make them happy with what we were doing. After leaving the home we went to a local park to have a picnic where we must have had the worlds largest watermelon! Everyone then settled down by the fountain and enjoyed cooling off with their feet in the water. Before then leaving to head back to the hotel Hannah and Eric went on a water run to fill bottles and got cooled off even more when they didn’t understand what a woman was saying which resulted in the woman throwing water on them! We then headed back to the hotel, stopping for ice cream on the way (like always) and look forward to another chilled night whilst venturing out for something to eat in a new restaurant.

“Be prepared for the unexpected”

By Lauren.


“Yesterday was history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present” By Alastair


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