Uganda team blog – Monday

Today was our first day teaching in the Acholi Quarters. It was great to see how engaged and enthusiastic the children were and how keen they were to get going. Although, behind the scenes it was more tough as each group had the wrong set of children so planned lessons did not work as smoothly as anticipated. But this bought out the best in our team where we all came together and worked as one and highlighted that how even with nerves and a lack of sleep we have all bonded so well that we could rely on one another to provide the best possible lessons and activities. It’s great to see some familiar faces and to see that the children that we helped last time are doing so well and some are even in the Acholi’s education program.

It is great to see how the children are still so excited and amazed that us ‘mazungus’ are coming over here to teach them, and both groups of children are so much more capable than we first thought which is so amazing to see, considering where they come from. The group of children as a whole are so easy to interact with and you can truly tell that they are cherishing the education we all take for granted.  We can’t wait to get to know the children and our translators even more throughout the week. Home visits start tomorrow which we are all looking forward into getting an insight further into the background of the community, but at the same time everyone’s pretty nervous.

Mum, Brenda still remembers me (Beth) and I am teaching her again. I almost had a break down when she came over to me shouting my name. (You would have 100% cried) She has the biggest attitude ever, and pretty much ripped my head off when plaiting my hair!  Also the cough you said didn’t exist has left me with a voice that doesn’t exist! I can’t wait to see what else the week has to bring our way.

Beth & Phoebe

P.S To Jamie’s family, where are the kisses? He almost cried! Also, Tracey, Dave and Mags where you at? Keep coming with the comments!!


  1. Sounds like you are all having an amazing time. Enjoy every second of this experience.
    Love you Sammy.

  2. It’s great to hear how all the hard work fundraising and planning is bring such joy to the kids you’ve all done it for.

  3. Tracey and Dave Oakes

    Good to hear you had a good day and even better to learn the children you met on your last trip are doing well it must be so emotional seeing them again. So sorry Phoebe for the late reply, we are very proud of you. Look forward to reading tomorrow’s blog. Lots of love Mum, Dad & Maggie xxxxx

  4. Nice to hear you are all sharing your individual skills with Acholi children and giving them a chance of learning. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time out there. Beth Nolder thanks for making Mumma a crying wreck! Hope you get a chance for some updated photo’s of Brenda and friends and have you also seen Miriam? We are so proud of you Beth, love ya! Xxxx

  5. Sounds like you are all having the best time out there teaching new and old acholi children,beth im so glad you got to see Brenda and that she remembers you I want to see new photos mind(if you can) was it your suitcase that went missing?? by the sounds of it your be going out again next year I love you and I’m so proud of you???

  6. Well-done team Uganda! It sounds as though you are doing an amazing work. We are very impressed and proud. Praying for you all and sending much love to Naomi and Shaun and Duncan. Love and squigey kisses from Debbie and Richard, Nays parents. Xxx

    • Have an amazing time, we pray that God uses you all and those you meet are blessed. Big love to Nay, Shaun, Duncan, Jamie and June. Love The Ogs X

  7. So excited to hear about your adventures in the Acholi Quarters.

    Thinking of you all as you start the home visits tomorrow.

    Kay (Caleb’s mum) x

  8. Francesca calzolari

    Great to hear you are all getting on so well and the children are pleased with your lessons can’t wait to hear more about your sdventure
    Love u Gabii

  9. Must be awesome for those who were out there a couple of years ago to return and be recognised by friends you met last time. Awesome for the first timers to be welcomed in such an enthusiastic manor.
    Enjoy and make the most of this experience guys. You’re making memories that will last a life time not just for you but for the children and families you spend time with.
    You WILL be making a difference in the short time you are there.
    Keep making us proud.
    By the way (in case you haven’t heard) Iceland are out of the Euros after being thrashed 5-2 by France.

  10. Great to hear today went well, even if things weren’t as planned and you could all work at a team to provide a good lesson for the kids.
    It nice to know how great the strength of your group is, as its a mix of people who have only meet once before on a training weekend. You all have the same goals to give and offer the Acholi children skill for learning and an opportunity to meet people from around the world. I’m so proud and I’m sharing this blog through Facebook as some of our friends aren’t the best with technology.
    Can’t wait for the next blog.
    Home is so lonely without you Kayla you are a great daughter, great friend and you have a heart of gold. XXXX miss not talking to you. It’s only Monday night ???

  11. Great to hear what you are doing and that you are all safe and well. Make the most of this amazing and humbling experience. Praying for the whole team and the children you are working with. Much love to Shaun, Nay and Duncan from Shaun’s mum, Jan

  12. You are all amazing people, it’s fantastic to hear about your day. Hope the lessons are gong to plan Vixs ,even with the group changes. Don’t say it often enough , you are a Star Vixs and I am so proud to be a small part of your life, love you Hun xx

  13. Hey it’s Mags! Victoria’s mum. I refresh this page about 10 times a day before an update finally comes through from you lot. I cannot wait to hear what you have all been up to! We completed the Yate relay for life this weekend si probably had about as much sleep as you did on the first night! Glad to hear everything is going well even though the lessons may have changed a bit. I don’t think the children will mind! I am very proud of you Victoria, you have achieved so much in your 18 years not only for yourself but for other people as well. Can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes and looking forward to seeing some pictures! Have a great week! With lots and lots of love to you all xxxx

    • This sounds amazing! You are all doing a fantastic thing! Hope you are all staying safe and avoiding those Somalian pirates!! Haha!
      Something to keep you going:
      Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world!!
      Take care
      ( A crazy friend of Leonie)

  14. Heather Eldridge

    Glad your all having a great time out there . Beth glad to hear you’ve met up with Brenda again hurry up with the updated photos love you h&p xx

  15. Great blog! Sounds like you are all having an amazing experience. We can only imagine what it must be like so really good to read about your time there. Looking forward to seeing you Sammy when you get home, enjoy your time and you should all be very proud to be a part of this experience. It’s amazing. Well done guys!

  16. Glad the first day teaching went went and I know the acholi children are thrilled that the team there providing such an amazing experience ! We all miss you lots ( even Charlie )

    Love mum, dad , Charlie and Keira x

  17. Jenny Gilbertson

    Well done all of you – we think you are fantastic. Hope that Tuesday is going well. Special message to Duncan that Matt sends his love and Alfie is very proud of him.
    Mike and Jenny Gilbertson

  18. Great to hear that you all got to Uganda safely and that the work is already bearing fruit. We are all very proud of June here for stepping out of her comfort zone. We are coping without you (just) but looking forward to seeing you again and hearing about your experiences. Have a great time.


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