Bulgaria – Day 1 – We are off!

Today is finally the day that we travelled to Bulgaria. We all had to meet up at school at 3am and most of us hadn’t slept at all. In the minibus the suitcases were packed up very highly at the back, so that at every bend and turn the suitcases nearly fell over onto the people sitting in front of them and behind them. We got to the airport on time and the transition within the airport was very smooth.

On the flight everyone was very tired and everyone except me, Morejoy and Laura fell asleep. So I decided to take this opportunity and decided to record everyone sleeping. It was a very funny moment. Then once we reached Sofia we travelled to the bus station to go to Stara Zagora. Then we got to our hotel at last and the best thing about the hotel is the free Wi-fi.

Once we had settled in, we took a quick walk around and came back and ate dinner. We are now currently busy planning our lessons for tomorrow.



The Blue Dot Called The World by Francesca Moore

You shouldn’t criticise what you don’t understand,
Before, I boarded the plane today for the very first time in my life, I was extremely scared.
But once I was in the air I understood the beauty of flying.
This was being able to look down on the world from a different perspective,
And realise the true magnificence of what we live on.
The clouds are only a compliment to the pureness of the nature around us.
This goes to show that any experience can change anything.










  1. Glad you’ve all arrived safely and hoping first day has gone well. Looking forward to seeing the results of your painting!
    Wonderful poem Francesca, would you mind if I use it sometime, obviously will credit it to you!
    Enjoy your time, and shout out to Hannah and Ian
    Praying for you all

    • Francesca Moore

      Dear Helen, yes of course I don’t mind, however it isn’t a poem it’s more just creative writing but if you want to use it then sure please go ahead 🙂

  2. Alastair Arieta

    I will be following all your blog or update guys! Be sure to attached loads of photos because with pictures can say a thousand words!
    We miss you Alastair
    God bless all of you

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