Uganda team blog – Sunday

OKAY, SO WE ARE HERE SAFE!   Even after two stops, one in turkey which was planned and another in Rwanda which we weren’t aware of, it was a very long flight but we made it – even if we did lose one case on the way! Some of us went to church this morning which was joyful and a great experience however with most of us getting only a couple of hours sleep it’s safe to say we didn’t make it through the whole of the service.

It feels so surreal being out here, having the people treat us like we are royalty and being so loving and friendly. We have all settled really well and already have starting having a strong bond together as a group. Tomorrow is our 1st day at Acholi, teaching and working with the children of the community. We visited there briefly today to look at our working space for the week and meet the people we shall be working with.  For some of the group who have been here before, it was good to return and see some familiar faces, For others that have not visited before it was overwhelming to see the living conditions and way of life out here in Uganda.

Hope all is well back in England, please leave some comments that we can share as a group,

Kacy and Gabii.

p.s. Apologies, but there seems to have been a typo in a previous email with regards the flight home.  It actually arrives at Heathrow T2 at 15.00 on Sunday 10th


  1. Glad you all arrived safe. For those of you who haven’t been before you are going to make great memories and those who have been before many new memories await you. Have a fantastic time guys and Beth Nolder please tell me it isn’t your unmissable bright yellow case that has gone missing!

  2. Glad you’ve arrived safely, hope you’ve seen some familiar faces Kacy! You’re not missing much with the footy.
    Hope you all have a fantastic week & if at all possible make the children’s smiles even bigger.

  3. Glad you arrived safety , I’m sure you managed to get some sleep on your long journey as we all know you can sleep anywhere Jordan ! The house is quiet without you , have a fantastic first day teaching , make the most of every moment , lyl
    Ps: Beyoncé was fantastic !

  4. Glad you arrived safe and sound I can imagine it was a shock th the
    System to see how people live out there a world away from our living conditions
    Look forward to reading more of your blog take care x

  5. So good to hear you’ve all arrived safely! Hope you enjoy meeting and teaching the children today! There’s been a role reversal at home Abbie, Clarri dragged me round the Mall on Saturday! lots of love x

  6. Good to hear all keep well looking forward to more blogs soon

  7. Glad your there safely Jordan… I know you will have an amazing experience. Make the most of every moment! Lots of love Gail, Dean, Sadie and Imogen xxxx

  8. Thanks for update – glad you are all settling in well. Every success with your project. Will be watching the blog with interest! Graham & Marion (Jamie’s dad and mum)

  9. YEY! Glad you guys all made it! Looking forward to hearing more!!

    Kat xx

  10. Hello all, this is Kayla’s mum,
    Glad you all arrived safely! (Noted the return flight details)
    So glad iv been able to read your blogs, not that this will ever touch on the real experience you are all going through. Bring so much joy to the children out there..

    Ps Kayla as your Tanzies number 1 fan, at her gym competitions yesterday, your sister walked away with a gold performance. Which under these circumstances, makes us realise how bless we are, and maybe take our lives for granted!

    Love and already missing you and it’s only Monday.

  11. Give my love to everyone at Acholi, and to John and Sophie and team. Plus a hello to Patience from auntie Helen!
    I know you’ll all do a great job, and have a really positive impact on lots of young lives, as well as having your own lives impacted.
    Big shout out to Dan and Leonie – leaders extraordinaire both of them
    And to Abbie and Caleb, fellow Thornburyians!
    Wishing I could be with you
    But praying for you instead
    Happy Uganda days

  12. I will miss my buddy Dan at the TBC staff team day tomorrow!
    Enjoy the experience Abbie. 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing all your stories on your return. Love and prayers, Rhean

  13. Mike and Joy Phillpotts

    So pleased you had a safe journey Kacy and so glad you have met up with some familiar faces. We will look forward to reading your blog each day. Have a wonderful memorable time Love and God bless Grandma and Grandad xx

  14. Wow, what an adventure it will be for you all!

    Enjoy every moment, be blessed all of you and a blessing to all those you meet!

    Have fun!

    Kay x

  15. Tracey and Dave Oakes

    Glad to hear you all arrived safely after a long journey and you have seen some familiar faces Phoebe. We are sure you had a lovely day with the children today and we look forward to reading your blogs. Enjoy the experience and make some wonderful memories. Love you Phoebe, Mum, Dad, Paige, Calum & Maggie xxx

  16. Hi fellow wire flyer, was’nt two stops on the plane enough for you? Mum lily and me are fine and so is your hanging basket. Weather here today 35 degrees in a greenhouse!!! Was it your broken handled case that was lost, saves you bringing it home if thats the case. France stuffed Iceland in last nights footie to secure a semi final v Germany on Thursday. Wales play Portugal on Wednesday. Pompey signed a forward today and are now in Ireland for freindlies. Anyway about Uganda, how was school today, was there many familliar faces. Howcdeep is the hole now and remember when you go down you have to come up. Looking forward to the next blog.
    Love to all and remember you are making a differance to peoples lives. Deb & Stu & Lilly xxx
    ps I lost a pound today!!!!!

  17. Spread the Love to all you meet. So proud of you Vicks and all! Enjoy the bear hunt!! Xxx

  18. Hey miss findley. ? have a great time in uganda. Your gonna bloody love it. Looking forward to reading more blogs about the experience.
    Remember what i said before you left – this is gonna do you the world of good and your going to come back so much stronger and a new woman.

  19. Shannon Morris and Ryan Read

    To Gabii,

    It’s good to see your settled in and having fun! Can’t wait to see your tan when you get back! I miss you so much it’s unreal! Can’t wait till your back so I can see your beautiful mug! I hope you haven’t forgot about my bracelet shithead! I love you millions! I did reply to your text but sadly I was cut off aha! But I would love to see you when your back! ❤️ Love from Shan ??
    I’m so proud of you for embracing this amazing exsperience, once in a life time opportunity, I know it’s only been a few days but I feel I’ve lost my right hand, I don’t know what to do ?? and this is the affect you have on everyone around you, one of the most caring, loving people I know, enjoy what time you have left in Uganda, They are blessed to have you, remember to look at your star if doubt and from Sunday your mine!!! Aha love you forever, stay safe you beautiful person you!!
    Love from Ry ??

  20. Hi Sam
    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sammy, happy birthday tooo yooooo. Have a great day helping all the children out there. It is good to be able to read the blog each day. Thank you whoever is taking time to write it. What you are all doing out there is just amazing. Well-done to you all. Lots of love Sam xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
    Nan and grandad

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