Feeding programme by IDAK

Last week we reported about Creds newest partner IDAK and their tree planting initiative.

Well, this week we are reporting on another initiative set up by IDAK, also in Kisumu county.

At Wasare primary school, many of the children struggle to concentrate for the whole day as they don’t have access to food at lunchtime. The school has been unable to provide a meal for the children, and so, if the child can’t bring a snack with them, they either have to go home for some food (if they live close enough to get home and back in time and if they have a parent at home who can prepare the food) or they have to go without. Far from ideal.

Thanks to IDAK this problem is now being overcome with the provision of funds to set up a feeding programme in the school. At the moment the funds are only there to feed the kindergarten children and the older children who have to stay at school the longest. But the hope is that as more funds are raised so the scheme can be extended to more children. Could you help that to happen?

Contact Helen if you would like to know more. Helen.harrison@cred.org.uk

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