Injera for Cbisdo

Cbisdo is one of our Ethiopian partners and they are based in a very impoverished district in Addis Ababa. 

They have a number of programmes, including providing daily meals for 201 elderly who have no family support . They also provide after-school meals for 174 children who are from families with no income. And there are 40 children and young people with additional needs who attend a daily programme of life skills training and which includes provision of lunch. 

These are the three aspects of Cbisdo’s work that include provision of meals, and if you do the maths you’ll know that it equals at least 415 a day. 

In Ethiopia, the traditional lunch time meal is injera and sauce. Injera is like a big pancake made of a locally grown cereal called tef, and the sauce is usually tomato and lentil based. So, to provide 415 meals requires the kitchen staff to make sufficient injera each day. Each injera is made using the traditional method of pouring the batter in a 30cm circle and then letting it steam cook. Each injera takes about 5 minutes to make. 

The Cbisdo kitchen includes a wood-fired stove for making the sauce, and 4 injera pans. 

Even with these 4 pans, to make the required number of injera takes approximately 8 hours. 

That’s a very dedicated workforce of injera makers, and this blog is dedicated to them. 

The sauce-makers
making injera
and more injera
and more injera
stacks of injera!

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