Spread of HIV/AIDS by Juvian Opiyo

The following poem was written as part of a poetry-writing event at Spurgeons Academy, to mark World Poetry Day

I thought I was a laugh conqueror

Immune to all manner of attacks

Alas! This was but wishful thinking

Of a person with a deficiency syndrome

Who was worried and unsure at the same time

I did not know that I would waste away

I only imagined I was immune and healthy

Yet I had led a life of luxury

A life of very risky behaviour

A careless life of premarital sex

Abstinence was a very strange idea

All that glitters is not gold

Some close friends have the killer virus

In their semen, serum and body fluids

Only I’m not sure about their sputum and saliva

Recently a doctor gave me a shock

With the message that I lacked immunity

Foreign bodies had entered my body

Through irresponsible sexual behaviour

The foreign bodies have weakened my body

A look at my body tells it all

Without doubt the doctor has revealed

That I have contaminated blood

I’m infected with HIV/AIDS

This has given me a great shock

Probably my body deceives me

Have I not always been a conqueror?

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