Mr Elephant, & Mr Rat, by Joel

The following poem was written as part of a poetry-writing event at Spurgeons Academy, to mark World Poetry Day

Mr Elephant

By Joel Komu

Ho, Mr Elephant, you’re so big in the world

You’re fatter than a rat and bigger than a man

I love you Mr Elephant than everything in the world

When I look out down I see Mr elephant

In Kenya, we have many elephants

If you want you can see one

I love you Mr Elephant, than everything n the world

One day I will see you, I will be so proud

Mr Rat

Ho, Mr Rat, you’re so small in all animals

You’re smaller than an elephant and all animals

I love you Mr Rat than everything in the world

I can see you every time at home in our environment

If I see you I am happy because you appreciate Kenya

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