Poem, by Mohamed Juma

The following poem was written as part of a poetry-writing event at Spurgeons Academy, to mark World Poetry Day


By Mohamed Juma

I thank all of you by the name of God,
To all of the people who are here
You have come to hear the word of today
We are talking about HIV/AIDS
How was wrong 
This was but wishful thinking
Of a person with deficiency symptoms
Of HIV/AIDS, the disease is not good
And it immuno to all manner of attack
How was wrong 
Some friends have killer virus
In their semen, serum and bodily fluids
Only I’m not sure about their saliva and sputum
How was wrong 
Can this dreaded attack be reduced?
Yes, there’s a glimmer of hope
AIDS drugs, diet and treatment,
Better discipline and the will to live
Yes, only the weak-hearted lose hope
A careless life of young sex
Many young want like sex
They don’t know that sex can transmit sex
It will make you very sick
How was wrong 

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