Fun and support for the Ellilta children – Ethiopia

Ellilta-Women at Risk started out with a focus on supporting women who wished to exit prostitution, and that is still a key focus of its work. But an additional element is the support given to the children of those women, many of whom are very vulnerable to following the same route as their mums, unless intervention is given.

Without the support of Ellilta, many of the children wouldn’t be able to go to school, and would spend their days living in poverty, where the temptation to go out and earn some money on the streets would be very high.

So, Ellilta runs an intervention programme for the children. Through this they ensure that the children are able to go to school through payment of school fees, and they provide an after-school programme of tutoring, counselling, life choices, and food. Add in the school holiday activities, and the result is children who have access to mentors, counselling, a safe supportive space in which to process life, and a much higher chance of successfully navigating their way through to adulthood.

In our intervention program, children learning in Ellilta Compound during their summer camp. 
Children are having fun in Ellilta Compound.

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