Project-based learning leads to housing for a doctor – Uganda

Construction students at the Nkuru Vocational college have been hard at work putting their practical knowledge to good use recently, and as a result, a local medical facility is now able to house a doctor.

Namutamba Children’s Rehab Centre is situated about 5 miles from the college, and until recently it did not have a suitable building for the resident doctor to live in. It had a somewhat ramshackle building that would be described by an estate agent as ‘having potential’, but significant renovations were required to make it habitable.

A conversation between John, director of the college, and Daniel, senior management member of Namutamba, resulted in a plan being hatched for the college construction students to gain the opportunity to renovate the small house. In so doing, they were able to hone existing skills, learn new skills, and carry out a project that was fully grounded in the realities of the building world. And on top of all that, the students were able to play their part in ensuring that a local medical facility now has a well-housed doctor on site at all times.

A good outcome all round!

The house before renovation
During renovation
During renovation
Renovations complete
including a brand new kitchen area

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