Stepping stones: farewell to the old, hello to the new

The end of last term was one of great celebration for the oldest students at Stepping Stones Int’l Primary School in Nkhata Bay, a partner of CRED Foundation. The students had, a few months earlier, taken their national school leavers certificate, which they need to pass to be able to move on to secondary school in Malawi. At the end of last term, they got their results – and they all passed!! 100% pass rate is an excellent achievement for any school, and when taking into consideration the range of family backgrounds that these children come from, and the levels of illiteracy amongst their parents, this is quite outstanding. It is also a fabulous accolade to the teaching staff who have tirelessly supported the children over the years. Massive congratulations.

As these students moved on from Stepping Stones to pastures new, at the other end of the school, the new intake of reception children have started their academic life, and they are all settling in very well. We wish them every happiness as they embark on their journey of learning.

Smiles all round for the Stepping Stones students who passed their school leavers certificate
Reception children at play

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