Irrigating with Drip Lines for Chisomo

This story from Chisomo in Zambia is definitely a cause for celebration and thanks. A Lusaka company called
Grow Drip (Home – Grow Drip Zambia ( is generously providing Chisomo with an irrigation system and seedlings for their children’s shelter at Makeni. The aim is to help them to become self-sufficient in some of the main foods that they require and even to be able to generate some income by selling excess produce. Longer-term, they may be able to produce their own seedlings for sale.
Chisomo are also exploring with Grow-Drip the possibilities for sourcing chickens and gaining expertise in raising them, to provide for even more of their own needs. Additionally, there is a possibility of internships in agriculture for young people at the shelter who show an interest in, and an aptitude for, this area of work.
The irrigation system went in on 26th November, amidst great excitement and the involvement of many of the children at the shelter. They worked incredibly hard clearing land and they loved being shown how to install the pipework. The first seedlings went in on 1st December, with more planned for the week of 13th December. By the end of January, the children and staff at Makeni should be eating the first fruits of the planting! Chisomo are looking forward to partnering with Grow Drip throughout 2022.

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