Prayer update from Janaki

Beloved Brothers and Sister in Christ,

I am writing you the FIAM news which are having praises and prayer request.

Still we are working for Covid-affected areas and people because that is so important still. We still need to be providing food and needs to those very poor 1737 families because they don’t have work to earn money. A food parcel for one family of 4 people costs £60 / month, and we are praying for funds to be able to give more parcels.

We are gathering funds for Covid Emergency Medical Relief Fund (CEMRF) to pay for home isolation treatment medical expenses. The infection rate is increasing again and death rate is still high.

My friends, due to Covid here people lives changed a lot and day by day people are losing hope in their future.Inflation is increased very much and no longer able to buy daily things like they could  before with the money, nor make any plans for the coming days and situations, as everything changes.

Farmers have started their first farming for this period. Thanks to God Jesus that He gave good weather. Please pray my friends

In August we had less funds and we weren’t able to reach all 1737 families for giving food parcels and this month also we don’t have sufficient funds to make arrangements to provide food for all  those families.Praying for every thing my friend

About these families who lost their work or jobs due to Covid-19: my friends, the future for these families is a burden to me. Please pray also.
Since Covid difficulties onwards we have been raising donations and providing food and needs to those poor families along with Covid medical treatment. Now we are thinking it may not be possible to continue providing free food for the longer time.

The situations are showing that it is difficult to get back their works or jobs and for this purpose we are praying and thinking because we are looking for permanent solutions for those strugguling families in our communities. We are wanting to provide work for groups of people or individuals to help them stand on their own feet, and we are praying for wisdom to know how best to do this.

Please pray and keep us in your daily prayers
In our 24 hours continues fasting prayers we are praying for this request and believe Gods will make a way for their stable life

Prayers and love
Sis Janaki & Team

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