During the floods, and afterwards

For the community of Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, 2021 started with a mood of optimism. After the year 2020, when Covid-19 led to lockdowns, loss of employment for most, loss of income for many, the schools being shut, and the children subsequently having no access to feeding programmes, 2021 dawned with a bit of apparent light at the end of the tunnel.

Schools reopened in January, including CRED Partner Spurgeons Academy, and so the children were able to access not just education, but also the lifeline of the feeding programme again. Yes, food parcels had been distributed to thousands of people during the lockdowns, but for the children, the joy of being able to sit with their friends and share food together in a safe space was a wonderful way to start the year.

Unfortunately however, it didn’t last. Infection rates started going up in 5 regions of Kenya, including Nairobi, and local lockdowns were enforced. School closed again. Thanks to generous donations from CRED supporters, food parcels were distributed to those families for whom lockdown also means no work which also means no income.

In April, the infection rates had fallen enough that lockdown was eased and schools reopened. Smiles all round from the children.

But then the next catastrophe came – flash floods swept through Kibera and took away some homes and damaged others beyond repair, including some homes of children who attend Spurgeons Academy.

The families were left with nothing, but again, generous donations from CRED supporters enabled food distribution to take place to ensure that they didn’t starve.

Now the waters have gone down, and the families are starting to rebuild their lives. Our prayer, along with theirs, is that for them, and all the community, the rest of this year will continue to improve in every way.

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