With grateful thanks from India

We are all aware of just how awful the impact of Covid19 has been in India. Heartbreaking news reports of people dying on the way to hospital; of hospitals running out of beds, oxygen, medical staff; of a country completely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of illness and death from this highly transmissible virus, and where the infrastructure was found to be woefully lacking.

For CRED Partner Faith In Action Ministries (FIAM), the past year has been an emotional roller coaster. The FIAM team have had the chance to be out serving local communities and getting alongside people in their time of need. Food has been distributed, people have been reassured that they are not forgotten, medical fees have been paid for, there has even been some job creation as government matched funds were raised to help redevelop the local school.

But they have also had their share of sickness, and some deaths – and so amidst the ups there have been some very tough downs.

Despite all this, the FIAM team and the communities that they serve, wanted to take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to all the CRED supporters who have generously donated time and again in order to enable the team to provide the support.

Below are some photos that show the gratitude felt by so many, and on behalf of all the FIAM team and wider family, we at CRED would like to add our heartfelt thanks to you all.

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