Talents on-show at TVST

The Voice School in Tanzania is a secondary school with a difference. Unlike most schools in the country, it has a 2:1 ratio of girls to boys. This policy is an effort to redress the gender inequality that has been part of Tanzanian culture for so long, whereby girls were always overlooked in favour of boys regarding access to education.

And not only do they strive for ultimate gender equality, but the school also provides places for children with disabilities. Again this is to redress the discrimination against children with additional needs that has led to much stigmatisation and hardship for many.

With this as the background to the school, it is not surprising to learn that each year The Voice has a day long event celebrating the talents of students in the school. Whether it is athletic prowess or scientific achievement, creative writing or musical skill – the talents of all are recognised and celebrated.

Here you can see just a few examples of the students taking part in the recent Talent Day at The Voice. Well done to all – it was clearly a much enjoyed day.

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