Running in memory

Staff and pupils from the Nkuru Vocational Training College in rural Uganda, along with friends from the nearby Namutamba Child Rehabilitation Centre, took part in a 6km fun-run recently – an event organised by CRED Partner John Njendahayo of Nkuru-Nziza Foundation, in memory of two dearly departed ladies

The Namutamba CRC members were remembering Betty Nakafunvu, who was head of the centre until her death a few months back. The VTC members were also remembering the mother of Rev Tim Hall, who died just the week previously. Rev Tim has been mentor and dear friend for John Njendahayo all his adult life, and has played a key part in the development of the college.

The 6km run was the distance from the VTC to the CRC, and during the shared event, friendships between the two centres became even stronger as individuals encouraged one another to keep on going!

It is envisaged that this might become an annual event – so watch this space!!

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