Message from Chairman of Trustees Simon Wareham re COVID-19

The world is facing very uncertain times as people across the globe look to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.  The sense of isolation and anxiety is rising as we witness the impacts of the virus stretching across every nation and affecting virtually the whole global population in one way or another.  It is at times like these that the vulnerable and the marginalised can be most impacted and as consequence suffer the most.  The first of CRED’s values is “The essential equality and dignity of all human beings.”  Our commitment to that remains unerring and will continue to be so during these unprecedented times.

It is the aim of the Trustees and I to maintain our support for the communities and projects which we support and stand as advocate for throughout the duration of this crisis.  We will continue to liaise with our partners on a regular basis in the weeks and months ahead and to keep you informed as to any particular developments in their situation or needs where they are.  Communication is, for me, key as the sense of isolation and separation grows and I will make every effort to keep the channels open.

If you are one of our brilliant donors, please may I ask that you make every effort to continue to support the projects and the wider work through continuing, to the best of your ability, to maintain your level of donations so that those served by the projects we support may continue to be blessed and sustained during this worldwide, shared crisis. I recognise that with the potential for reduced income and difficulties on your own doorstep, the temptation is to start  looking inwards but I believe that, even in difficult times, we are challenged to go on loving our neighbour as ourselves, whether they be in Kingston upon Thames or Kigali, in Aberdeen or Addis Ababa.  I know that I can rely on you to do this.

In closing, thank you for reading this message and for all you do for CRED and its partners.  I will keep you up to date as to any specific needs that partners have during this time.

Keep safe and God bless,

Simon Wareham

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