The Landing of Water at The Voice School Trust

You often hear that many people in the world lack clean water to drink, and unfortunately this is all too true. But what does it mean to be one of those?

Here are some thoughts from Daniel Mpanduzi, director of The Voice School Trust, a CRED Partner in Tanzania, who until recently was amongst ‘those who lack water’.

“We at The Voice, until February 25th 2020, were among the “MANY” people who lack enough clean water for drinking and carrying out our daily cores. Many at times the School Director, The Headmaster or their assistants found themselves obliged to drive to school, towing a water bowser just in order to sustain the students’ water requirement. If we hadn’t done that, the students would have no water for drinking, or washing, or cooking, and their health would have been at risk as a result.

It sounds a bit strange if you consider our locality, just a few kilometres away from the foot of mount Meru where plenty of ground water is found, but it is costly to access the water, and for a long time we didn’t have the finances. 

But, thanks to God and His provision, we finally had the funds and were able to get a drilling company to use a percussion Drilling Machine to sink an eighty metres (80m) deep Borehole. It was expensive, but water is such a precious and life-giving commodity and we are truly proud and joyous that thanks to the borehole life is back again in full swing at The Voice School Trust. We prayed without ceasing and worked tirelessly until something happened. Plenty of water for sanitary, hygiene and gardening all around our school life!

We had to undergo a ten-hour pumping test data collection and we are now waiting for water quality test results and water usage permit from the Pangani Water Basin Authorities. Soon and very soon, we shall no longer waste time, miss classes and lose money for water bills. Folks, with GOD everything is possible.”

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