Water comes to Ruhuha

Ruhuha sector is in the Rwandan district of Bugesera, Eastern province. It is a very poor part of the country, where people predominantly live a subsistence lifestyle, eeking out a living in an area where water is in short supply.

But, all that is changing, thanks to the input of GNPDR and a water borehole that has recently been completed. The borehole is located so as to tap into an underground reservoir of water that was discovered, and as a result, the local residents now have access to clean water, for household use, but also for irrigating the crops.

The borehole will impact the lives of around 2,000 people, including reducing the amount of time that children spend fetching water, which increases the amount of time that they can spend at school, and  playing with friends.

Having got a sustainable supply of water, the next step is to start growing moringa trees and soyabeans over an area of 5 hectares. This will be a joint venture by a cooperative of widows and rural farmers, bringing increased income to the area.

The leaves of the Moringa trees are highly nutritious, and so a drying station will be built to enable the leaves to be dried, turned into powder, and used year round as a nutritional supplement for children.

The powder will also be added to feed for livestock, which will boost their growth, and lead to a better price at market.

So the ripple effects of this borehole are already proving to be quite significant!

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