Spurgeons Academy – personal story 1 – Dan

Dan graduated from Spurgeons Academy in 2012 then went to high school 2013-16. He attended Miramar International College to study agribusiness for 1 year and is currently at PC Kinyanjui Technical Institute in his second year doing a 4-year course in automotive engineering.

Spurgeons CCK has paid Dan’s school fees for all of his primary education as well as providing uniform, shoes and sometimes paying for trips e.g. to rural areas. Dan comes back to serve Spurgeons for what they did for him. He wants to be a mechanic in the future.

Dan reflects on what it’s like to be at Spurgeons now: ‘there are some big differences to what it was like – no so many school jerseys, they don’t do school plays and they don’t participate in drama competitions any longer because of lack of money and funds. The food is also different – we used to have rice and beans twice a week before and occasionally ugali as well; now it tends to be githeri every day. It would be good to see the classes getting improved and the staff room being updated but despite all this the school is still an amazing place’.

Dan currently volunteers as an assistant teacher at Spurgeons; he teaches social studies and maths to classes 5, 6, 7 and sometimes 8. In the future he wants to help the needy and give back what he was given. Dan has been volunteering at Spurgeons for 3 months and would like to continue volunteering here in uni holidays when he is back in Nairobi.

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