Let the countdown begin…

So the countdown has begun for Oak Academy to Malawi 2019! Tuesday was a busy day of packing suitcases full of resources and all things we have been donated from our wonderful friends and family ready for the trip of a lifetime! We got our first team photo; and cannot wait until next Friday when we embark on the trip of 2019! 🙂 #credteamtrips #oakmalawi19

Oak Team – Malawi 2019


  1. Rebekah Cummings

    Brilliant photo of our team with our sponsored shirts from Tower Supplies

  2. Brilliant photo.. Have fun x

    • Hi pup-pup and the team, glad to hear you arrived safely. Your adventure and the start of making memories are about to begin now. The Carey tribe are on the way to Torquay for Ana wedding wish us luck. Cant wait to see what you get up to. Love and miss you lots. Xxx

      • Hey bayleigh.. hope you’re nerves have settled a bit now, looking forward to all the pics. Love you.. mum xxxx

        • Hope you’re enjoying yourself bayleigh and your flight went well! You’re doing such a good thing, love you loads!? xxx

  3. Hope the flight was ok and you had a good sleep. Every time someone opened the front door I thought it was you. Looking forward to seeing all the updates. We all miss you xxx

  4. Hope all the traveling so far has gone smoothly and quick, still lots to go but it will all be worth it you know already love and miss you lots already boo ❤️xx

  5. Lovely to see you’ve all arrived safely. Aliesha dad drove your car and it survived. Woo hoo! Damien arrived safely in Newcastle. Have fun! Becks look after my baby. She’s precious cargo. Xx

  6. I’m so pleased you’ve all arrived safely, I kept checking the flight overnight. Hope you didn’t keep everyone awake on the plane with your snoring Joey! Lots of love mum xxx

    • Hope you’re all doing well especially Bayleigh and Rebecca, I’m sure you’re going to miss school and especially me and summer in science but what you’re doing is amazing and miss you two lots xxx

  7. So happy to see that you have all arrived. Hope you got some sleep on the plane Callum, I think you are going to need it! We all miss you loads and Maisie keeps asking after her bruv bruv.
    Love you lots and enjoy yourself make some great memories xxxx

  8. I’m glad you all arrived safely. Aliesha, I hope you’re ok? I miss you! Can’t wait to see some posts of your time there 🙂 xxx

    • Hope your first couple of days have been ok Bayleigh, everything is fine here but very quiet wivout you! ? me & chino miss you loads xxx

      • Glad to the hear the flight went well, Hope ur okay now Bayleigh and Rebecca, enjoy ur time can’t wait to see pics xxxx

    • I hope you’re all having a lovely time and enjoying the first few days, we all love and miss you Bayleigh and hope you aren’t too homesick! Mums day wasn’t the same without you,
      Love always,
      Lala xxx

  9. Just looked at the weather forecast for you and wow! Hope you are having lots of fun and the travelling was not too difficult. Can not wait to see all the photos and hear about the things you have already been up to. The house is very quiet without you. Miss and love you lots. Mum, Luke and Maisie moo xxx

  10. Hey Beryl (you know who you are) so proud of you, enjoy every moment, this is a huge opportunity for you so suck it up buttercup, compost and all lol, love you, miss you, cant wait to hear all about it # jealous xxx

  11. Missing u Bayleigh and Rebecca hope ur doing well and having fun xxxx

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