Titus and Gertrude

All schools need teachers to teach, and all school need pupils to learn, but if a school doesn’t have support staff in place as well, then it tends to be a lesser school as a result.

In Nkhata Bay, Malawi, the Stepping Stones school, founded by Alice Leaper of Butterfly Space, is no different. And at Stepping Stones, the support team comprise the wonderful husband and wife team Titus and Gertrude.

Titus is caretaker and groundsman, leads the gardening club for the children, and can often be found doing those extra DIY tasks around the school to keep things ticking over well.

Gertrude is a wonder chef, and performs miracles when it comes to creating nutritious and delicious lunches for the children from simple ingredients in basic conditions.

Gertrude and Titus also a lovely little son called Happy, who lives up to his name in his outlook on life, and all in all they are a beautiful family, who bring many blessings and benefits to all at Stepping Stones.

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