Saturday, by `Tobryn and Sam

Finally – a lie-in!!

Today started off as normal with Hannah collecting her toenails in adry shampoo lid. After Tom’s breakfast of toenail toast, we all sat down for the day’s blog comments. The heartfelt messages from our loved ones moved us all, reducing Becci and Katie to tears. But the most heartwarming messages of all came from Joanne, Hugh and Sue – who made us feel loved…..;)

On our travels down to Mityana, we stopped for lunch at one of John’s projects – a medical centre. He told us the story of how the idea originated and its construction. It was amazing to see that there was a place for the ill and those who struggle to generally pay for medical care.

Arriving at John’s dad’s house in Mityana, we were greeted by tea and biscuits. We then had to put up our tents – it only took about an hour and a half to get the girls tent up!

This evening we all had spaghetti, potatoes, meat and vegetables for dinner, and then an evening of relaxing – even for Eve who has finally had a break from washing!

PS, Eve also says to her mum that if she doesn’t buy her a bacon buttie when she’s back then she’s flying back to Uganda!!!


  1. Mmm toenail toast……. I think that could catch on!!
    Glad that you enjoy the messages from home I’m sure I speak for all us parents when I say we are missing you and are so very proud of you all. Come home safely with lots of memories that you will cherish and knowing that you have given the children you have been working with such a lot to treasure too. You are all very special young people and an absolute credit to yourselves and your families. X

  2. Evie I am sure you can carry on with the washing on your return home xxxxx

  3. ‘Toenail toast’ think you’re on to a winner there Hannah ?

    Good to hear from you all and glad you’re enjoying the tea plantation and camping. Keep up the good work, we are all so proud of what you are doing xxx

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