Friday by Hannah, with a bit of input from Hollie

Today was the last day of teaching in the Acholi and it was very emotional to say the least. As we arrived, the children seemed to be more excited than usual as they ran up to the team and held our hands when we got off the bus.

Both of the teaching groups taught maths and English until the porridge break. After the break, the children from both teaching groups performed songs and dances for us. They sang songs about their hopes and dreams for the future.

One of the songs that was performed for us said ‘we are ill and we request you to support our education, can’t you see how I am clever, we are struggling for a better life’. This brought tears to many of our eyes – Eve and Katie were the first ones to cry. The song made us acknowledge just how desperate the children are to get into mainstream school and to receive sponsorships to carry on all the way through primary and secondary school. For many of us it made us realise how lucky we are to be able to attend school and college for free.

After the children had finished their songs and dances, the teachers, translators, and women of the community played African drums and traditional instruments whilst dancing and shaking their hips and bums. All of the AfriDACA team joined in and the ladies taught us how to dance like them. Everyone dancing together in the church was a heart-warming experience. To see all the ladies and children smiling, laughing and dancing with us ‘mzungus’ made us feel welcomed in the community, and allowed the team to see the difference we have made to the children’s lives in such a short period of time.

When the performances had finished it was time to say goodbyes to the children. The majority of the group were brought to tears as the kids told us how much they wanted us to stay with them and told us their dream careers.

The afternoon lessons were cut short and the children and ladies performed for us again. Leaving the second group in the afternoon was just as upsetting as the morning group and the team were brought to tears again.

On our journey back to the bus the children from the Acholi community chased us all and waved at us as we drove down the road. This experience was distressing for everyone – even Lewis cried.

In the evening we went for a meal with the ladies from the community, they were great company and the food was amazing.

After a busy week teaching we are all now looking forward to a relaxed weekend in Mityana camping at the tea plantation

Note from Helen: there is no internet where we are in Mityana, so I’ll be posting lots of blogs on Tuesday when we get back.


  1. Hi guys
    Yet again you’re pictures and blog is fantastic, I can’t imagine how heart wrenching today will have been for you all I would be a total wreck xx you have only been there a week but will have made such a difference to all the children xxx hope you all have a fantastic weekend, hope your feeling better Libby love you lots xxxxxxxx

    • Ah! Hannah/Hollie blog!
      Daca Team and Lewis, very emotional to read this blog but absolutely proud of you all! Tears are flowing beside yours as I read about your final day with the Acholi village children and families. Again, you have shown true character in your pictures and the blog, Bless you all! Great week by the sounds of it as the children obviously warmed to you and loved learning from you all.
      Have a great camp and I look forward to the next blog Tuesday.
      Lots of love ❤️ Lewis
      Mum xxx

  2. Hiya everyone. Wow what an emotional blog with yet again fabulous pics struggling typing this due to tears after reading how emotional you have all been. Have a great time camping and soak up all the beautiful scenery etc.
    Scruff ?and Thelma ?asleep on your bed all the time Evie xx love you lots xxxx

  3. Oh dear…..crying at the thought of you all in tears!!! Doesn’t surprise me that Eve and Katie were the 1st to go!!! You will have made a huge difference to those children.
    Everyone sends their love from home.
    Have a fabulous time camping out and don’t get sunburnt . ??
    Katie, I have been keeping your dad up to date with your antics and he is so so proud; he promises to try and post over the weekend so that you will have a message from him when you return from Mitaya.
    Stay safe all of you, you are a credit to DACA and your families x

  4. Such a moving and emotional blog today! You have made an amazing difference to the children you have been teaching this week and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. Sam and Tobryn we are so glad you are having such a fantastic experience! Love you loads xx

  5. Hi Becci and team. I’ve been really proud and impressed with the work you are doing, loving the pictures, keep up the good work. Hope the second week is as good as the first.Lots of love Grandma. X?

  6. What an experience of a lifetime for you all. Memories made there will last a lifetime, great to see so many happy faces having fun and learning. Great stuff ?

  7. Hi team DACA
    I can’t even imagine how emotional it’s been for you all today ?
    Hannah and Hollie, I’m an absolute wreck just reading your blog, especially the part about how desperate these children are for the chance to have an education, something we all take for granted in the UK.
    I hope you all understand and appreciate how much you have impacted on the lives of these children, even if it was only a short intervention, you have made a great contribution and should be so proud. ?

    Enjoy the tea plantation visit and I look forward to hearing all about it in Tuesday’s blog ? Xx

    Lulats, taabaasp Hannah, I’m so proud of you ❤xxxxx

  8. Once again your blog and photos are fantastic and emotional… does anyone have dry eyes after reading about today’s events?? Well done team DACA for all your efforts this week…memories have been made for everyone. Enjoy the coming weekend, have lots of fun on your camp, trust the scenery will be stunning….already looking forward to your next blog. Love to all. GranJan and John xx

  9. John & Gill Norris

    Wow! What a blog and amazing photos from today. Must have been a very moving and emotional day for you all. Just think what a difference you have made. These memories will stay with you forever. Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and continue to enjoy this wonderful experience.
    Becci, we are back home so can log on more often now. So nice to see you in the photos having a good time. We continue to be very proud of our girl!
    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad and Jake xxx

  10. It’s wonderful to see our children interact with so much compassion and enthusiasm that will never be forgotten,
    We are so proud of you all.!!!

    Proud dad

  11. PS
    Love you Katie xxx

  12. Katie your photos are brilliant. You are all doing such a fantastic job out there. You are helping to educate these children out of poverty, they could be future Doctors, Teachers, scientists, who knows? And you guys are helping them. Their country may benefit tremendously from your efforts. Remember, every good dead can bring innumerable benefits which you may never even hear of but your footprints even if invisible now will leave a lasting impression! Go you guys. Love Grandma

  13. Loving the pics and blogs, really informative. Enjoy the rest and relaxation over the next couple of days because you have all worked really hard and earned it! So proud of you Eve and love you lots. Dad Xxx

  14. Oh wow lump in my throat yet again ?. You are all doing amazing out there and I am sure your all beginning to miss home . Every morning you get up in a nice cosy house food always available moaning about having to go to school. This is such a luxuary to these children they may not have what we take for granted but they are all still smiling making the most of life. Missing you hollie more than you think? Oh the washing up pile is huge having to go next. Door to borrow plates. Try to get in more photos very few of you but loads of Hannah shove her in a cupboard ?. Keep up the good work xxxx

  15. Michelle and Graham Pedder

    Amazing blog once again. Ur pictures and words about your experiences have brought tears to my eyes this week. I am in owe of you all and very proud . The memories and hope you have given to the Acholi children will live with them for a life time . Enjoy the rest of your time.
    Joel Pedder sorry but you will be getting a very big hug and maybe a few tears from me at the airport because you are amazing love you xxxx

  16. Awww Katie I think your little sister is missing you! Just driven into Clitheroe and she got excited cause she thought we were off to Booths to pick you up from work!! Bless her!!
    I bet all your workmates miss you too.
    Enjoy your camping xx

  17. Sam, thank you for the text this morning…….it made me cry! To hear your thoughts on your first week have made me even more proud of you. You are all amazing young people and to see the way you have given so much of yourselves to the Acholi community is truly an inspiration. Love you and give Tobryn a hug from me! Mum xxx

  18. Hi Tobryn,
    Utreia says thanks for the pressie – she absolutely loves them!

    Dad and I are really proud of you and love the pictures posted each day. Saying goodbye to the children must have been really hard. Keep hold of the thought that you have made a difference – and some wonderful memories.

    I would say give Sam a hug from me – but I think that would freak him out ?
    Keep safe,
    Love, Mum

  19. Happy camping everyone?⛺Last week at this time we had just dropped you off at the airport and in the week in Acholi you have helped to change all those lovely children’s lives not a bad weeks work, well done to you all so proud of you all. Enjoy the tea plantation and everything that goes with it.
    Love you so much Eve Wright. Xxxxx

  20. Hope you all get to chill a little over the weekend … you deserve it! It looks like you’ve all been made very welcome by the Acholi community. Really looking forward to hearing what you’ve all learnt and what you can teach us. Love and hugs from Mum, Adam, Bill and Jazz xxxx

  21. Hi team, gosh I love reading your posts & all the comments from your family/friends. I must admit I’ve cried reading your comments from today as it’s brought so much of my own AfriDACA experiences back to the forefront. So jealous & yet so proud of you all. Tom we’re never going to get any work done in BTEC when you get back (we’ll even less than usual) I’ll want to hear about everything. Keep going guys, mittens is so different to Kampala, embrace the culture & the countryside. Have fun & take care. Mrs D xx

  22. Well Katie here is your update -Rovers 1 Man Utd 2. We scored 3 but 2 ruled out! Your twin scored the winner. We were awesome though, Rovers of old.

    Hope you are all ok and enjoyed the camping,
    You deserve a little break. Xx

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