Malawi – Friday

Today was our last day of teaching at Bwelero School, it was a day filled with mixed emotions, because, despite the fun the children were having it was very sad to be leaving them. In the morning “The advanced party” set off early with Miss Bournon to the school. We had less time in the morning, but it gave us a more relaxed walk to school allowing us to stop and enjoy the beautiful views (as this would sadly be our last walk). As it was the children’s graduation day, we were able to provide fun activities rather than education lessons. During this time we found a parachute in the storeroom and decided to play with it with the children. Even though it was chaotic, it was enormous fun!


Next, was the end of year assembly, where the teachers congratulated the children who would move onto the next Standard. The assembly lasted for 2 ¾ hours and was in the burning sun! Many speeches were given from the teachers as well as: Mr Sherwood, Phoebe McCallum (on behalf of all of us), Alice (from Butterfly Space) and Helen. Many thank yous and claps were given.


Also during the assembly, each teaching group performed a song with their class. Group 1 sung “Happy”, Group 2 sung (an enthusiastic) “Do a deer…”, Group 3 sung “Africa”, Group 4 sung “Yellow Submarine”, Group 5 sung “Ten green bottles” (starting from 5 as the assembly had already been 2 ½ hours long) and Group 6 sung “Reach for the Stars”. We may have lacked tune but we certainly had gusto!


  1. Well done to you all, must have been an emotional day,and an experience you will remember for ever.Proud of you for giving a speach Phoebe.Hope you all enjoy the rest of your stay,and thank you so much for the updates and pictures it almost feels like we are there.
    Love you, miss you,mum and dad XX

  2. Well done everyone, we hope you had a good day, hopefully it’s a day you will remember for a long time, sounded like it was a fun day.
    Hope your having fun zac, and I hope you joined in with the singing.
    Thank you for the pictures and keeping us updated,

    See you soon zac x

  3. Sophia Ritchie- Gosh has 10 green bottles been performed again? 🙂 Glad lots of songs sung. Enjoy your last few days. Love those long assemblies/graduations. You have had such a wonderful privileged experience.

    Dad seems to have taken his shirt off in the front garden- better go and rescue Cowley Road. Huge love and kisses mumxx

  4. Hey Jasneev!

    What an amazing experience you are having and its great seeing all the wonderful work that you are doing in Malawi! Seems you all are having fun and enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back!

    XOXO Those at 8 Litchfield Road!

  5. Deshinder and Raminder Gill

    A sunny hello from Hove ! Enjoy your last evening in Butterfly Space – a time to reflect on the good work you have all done, the difference you have made, the wonderful memories of special times and new friendships ! A big Thank you to all the BHHS teachers, the CRED team and all at Butterfly Space and Bwelero School for supporting and encouraging our girls to give their best and for the great experience they have had over the last week. All the best for the rest of the trip – have fun on the Game drive. We look forward to welcoming all of you back on Wednesday. Jasneev – the last message for you was from our family in Singapore. You may get a few more family messages – sorry all !!! Love to all of you. Love and big hugs Jasneev. Take care. The Gill Family

  6. Hello everyone, I don’t know if you get the comments we post on the BHHS wordpress blog so I’ll try on here…that week went by so fast, and now you’re getting ready for the next stage of your journey. Hope it continues to be a fantastic experience for you all. Love to all and especially to Miriam!

  7. Hi Isabella, the week was gone v quickly, Now you have had a lot of experience and wonderful memories at Butterfly place and at the school. Which song did you sing today? We are looking forward to hear about your exciting experience next week.
    May May, Phay Phay , Olivia and Monty

  8. I seem to be leaving messages on blogs everywhere as I’m not sure which ones you’ll read but I hope your last day teaching was fun – it sounds as if you’re continuing to have the most amazing time – we’re loving reading all about it and seeing the photos. Missing you loads here – can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. Huge love Mum, Lottie, Henry, Beth, Sybil, Sasha and Eddie xxx

  9. Well done all of you ! What a memorable experience ! So proud of you all .
    Jasneev : All of Brighton and Hove and Seaford is SO quiet without you ! We visited the new baby Mini Meneka yesterday and everyone asked about your trip . Last week we were at a gathering in london with the aunties and it was SO QUIET without you ! Good news!! I found the NANDOS card !!! Yippee!
    See you soon
    love from us all @ The Chantry

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