Uganda team blog – Tues (1)

Hi all, I’ve managed to upload a few photos from our time at Acholi Quarters yesterday.  All being well there will be another post from the team later if we have a connection.  We will post daily if we can, but please don’t panic if we miss a day!  Team are all well and doing amazingly despite the tiredness and heat!  Love to all.  Dan








  1. Yeh seen Sammy you look well and Happy getting excited for you Birthday yet??

  2. Pictures are great, thank you for the uploads as it allows us to see a glimmer of your teaching rooms and all the wonderful children.

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Hi all
    loverly to see the photos with the children looking fully engaged. Hope todays home visits went well, we know from the past that they are a key feature of your time their and can be very hard. Share the smiles and hugs around. Looking forward to Tuesdays blog 2 connection permitting. Love and prayers Debbie and Stuart xxxx
    ps Leonie I am sure you will be regretting missing Entertainment Unlimited tommorrow night! Xxxxx

  4. Hey fam, love you long time ? Nymeria misses you so much. We hope you’re having a good time!

  5. Great photos look forward to see some more later. Tim

  6. Tracey and Dave Oakes

    Thank you for the photos, look forward to the blog. Xxx

  7. Great to see some photos, look forward to reading the team blog later. KC everyone sends their love & so proud of you. Let you know how Wales & Portugal get on tomorrow. Becci xxx

  8. Heather Eldridge

    Nice to see some photos and that everyone seems to be having a good time. Hope your enjoying every moment Beth love you x

  9. Great photos,BETH I know you wanted to stay in uganda but forgetting your yellow fever card hasn’t worked HAHA lots of love mumma❤

  10. Lovely to see some photos , enjoy every moment ! I’m sure the Acholi are enjoying you being there , love you x

  11. Francesca calzolari

    Great to see photos you all look really happy and the children look like they are enjoying your visit so proud of our girl ! savour this adventure
    Love u Gabii X

  12. Great to see pics to give us an idea of what you’re experiencing! Abbie, we’re all missing your ‘what’s app’ banter! Lots of love x

  13. Great to see the pictures. Thinking of you all. Naomi, we send our love to you and to the children you are meeting. Make the most of your time with them as it will pass so quickly. So proud of you all doing this fantastic work. Love Rich and Deb x

  14. Louise Fitzgerald

    I’m glad to see you entertaining as usual Jordan!!!! Love Lou & Ava xx

  15. Great to see some photos and great to see the shapes being used that Vic and friends spent ages printing, laminating and cutting! Hope you have all had a good day xx

    • Mike Gilbertson

      Thinking of you, Duncan. Great pictures. It looks a really interesting and worthwhile experience for everyone. I hope that you and the team and the children you are meeting are all finding the visit helpful and fun.

  16. Thank you for the photo’s, great to see you all in action. Enjoy this amazing experience, lots of love Shaun, Mam and Kieron x

  17. Fabulous pictures of you all, we are currently together as a house group and are praying for you and the time you will have with the children. Such an amazing opportunity. Wrapping you all in prayer, June, Jamie, Nay, Shaun and Duncan. Love Ogshousegroup

  18. It was lovely to see some photos of you all !
    Enjoy the Experience of all you, this week will go very quickly !
    Proud of you Jordan !
    Love Nan and Granddad xxx

  19. So wonderful to see the photos. Is it VERY hot?

    Is that a picture of the back of your head Caleb?

    Live in the moment and enjoy every day!

    Kay x

  20. Tracy Twinberrow

    Hi everyone!

    Just a quick message to say I hope you are all enjoying it out there. I wish I was there too. Hope it’s everything you hoped for, whether a first trip, or for those of you returning. Just to let the YIA lot (new and old) know that I am thinking of you all and am so proud of every one of you. Share some big hugs with those beautiful children for me. Have a fabulous time and savour every moment. Looking forward to pics and stories from you all when you get back (so if you’ve left school then you need to come back to visit!).
    Hi Dan, hope you are well! Keep up the good work. All of you guys are an inspiration!
    Thinking of you all. Love Tracy (Mrs Twinberrow!) Xx

  21. Was good to hear from you Tors, I had searched (unsuccessfully) for a blog – so thank you for helping me find it!
    Hope you are having a great time, and have re-met some of the kids from last time – I know you will be making the most of every minute 🙂
    Louise Cole lol 😉 xx

  22. You all look so amazingly happy! The children look like they’re having so much fun too, hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. Make the most of every minute you have out there and never forget how much of a difference you are making to these children’s lives.
    Miss you Jordan!! X

  23. Chris and Rachel

    Great to see you made it there Duncan. So good to see you recently and we hope and pray this is an amazing trip all round for you and the children you meet.

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