Visit to Chisomo Drop in centre for Helen

On a recent visit to Zambia, Cred partner liaison manager, Helen, had the joy of visiting the Chisomo drop in centre and meeting with the young people who were attending that day.

The young people, who all are currently living on the streets, can attend the drop in on a daily basis to make the most of the facilities on offer. These include two meals, a place to wash, provision of informal educational support (mainly numeracy and literacy), counselling, access to health care as needed, Christian discipleship, art and crafts, and a safe place to sleep without fear of baton-wielding police or drunk thugs being then as they try to sleep in shop doorways etc at night.

The young people shared what they liked most about Chisomo, and the number one response was being able to do some education. They all shared how they would like to be able to get back to school one day, although to do that would require either returning home or being placed with foster carers. With poverty levels in Zambia currently around 70%, finding families that feel able to take on feeding an extra mouth is not easy. And as the reason many are on the streets Is due to family breakdowns, getting back home also feels remote.

But in the meantime the young people keep coming to Chisomo, keep practising their educational skills as much as they can, and keep rejoicing in the fact that, through Chisomo, they have people who care and look out for them, seeking the best for them in the circumstances.

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