PSD-Nepal: Langtang Plastics – recycling and upcycling plastic in a challenging terrain

Written by Bishnu Bhatta, PSD-Nepal Director

In the picturesque Langtang National Park, nestled within the Rasuwa district of Nepal, our pioneering initiative in sustainable environmental practices is slowly gaining traction. At an elevation of 2000 meters plus, our mountain recycling project has taken root, gradually blossoming into a beacon of change within this difficult landscape.

Central to the success of this endeavour is the dedicated efforts of our intern at from Langtang (Sandevi) whose vision and drive have been instrumental in propelling the project forward. Her unwavering commitment and innovative strategies have infused fresh momentum, steering the initiative towards its objectives. To fortify the project’s operational capacity, the team welcomed
two new field members. These additions have significantly augmented the organization and execution of waste segregation methodologies. With planning and dedication, these members are ensuring that waste is effectively categorized for optimized recycling processes.

Expanding the project’s footprint, two additional segregation sites have been established in Mundu and Kyanjin Gompa. These strategic locations serve as pivotal hubs where waste segregation occurs efficiently, creating a sustainable framework for recycling initiatives within the region. Another significant milestone in the project’s expansion is the inauguration of a new
Community Recycling Centre (CRC) in Syabru Besi. This centre marks a crucial advancement, now operational and dedicated to the recycling of PET plastics, glass, and tin. The establishment of this CRC represents a pivotal step towards addressing the environmental impact of non-biodegradable materials within the community.

Through the concerted endeavours of our staff, interns, field members, and the community’s active participation, this endeavour showcases a blueprint for effective waste management in mountainous terrains. In the heart of Langtang National Park, amid the tranquil beauty of the Himalayas, we hope that a transformative movement is underway—a movement that heralds a brighter, cleaner future for the region and underscores the profound impact of collective
dedication towards a greener tomorrow.

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