From sponsored kid to gym owner – an AHISDO story 

Written by Helen

AHISDO was one of Creds early Ethiopian partners, and a sister organisation to CBISDO

It is a community based organisation in one of the poorer parts of Addis Ababa and for many years has been supporting elderly and child residents who are most in need through a sponsorship program. 

Recently I met one of the lads who was helped in that program. John had support all the way through kindergarten, Primary and secondary school, and then went on to study sports science at university. 

Without that support, John says he would never have been able to go to school as his family just wouldn’t have been able to afford the school fees, or the uniform, or to give him a meal each day. 

He is now graduated from university with a certificate in that course as well as a qualification in personal and group sports training. 

John was so grateful for the support that he got through Ahisdo and always said that he’d give back in some way. 

Two months ago he set up a well equipped gym in the ahisdo centre. As a result, the community gets a really good sports facility, the youth have somewhere positive to hang out, 15 people have jobs, and Ahisdo gets a new stream of income from the rent being paid which can then be ploughed back into the sponsorship program to enable more young people to get a chance in life. 

A very beautiful visit during my time In Ethiopia. 

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