Sathwika’s story

Written by Janaki

This is the story of a child named Sathwika, who transformed her life from being a household cleaner to holding a software job through education.
She was born into a backward-caste family, which was both poor and large. Sathwika had one younger brother. Her father worked as a carpenter, but he was adicted by alcoholism, spending all his earnings on drink. Eventually, he abandoned his wife, children, and elderly parents completely.

Sathwika’s mother worked as a daily wage laborer, becoming the sole provider for their extended family. Due to their circumstances, Sathwika couldn’t attend school to receive an education. Instead, she stayed at home, bearing the burden of household works, and even started working as a child laborer under her mother’s guidance.

One day, her mother came to the school with her son seeking help for his education. When I inquired why only the boy and not the girl, she explained that he needed education to secure a job because he was a boy. I spoke to her about the importance of education for every child. She expressed her inability to send her daughter to school, as
Sathwika was contributing to the family income through housework. She couldn’t afford to giveup that income and redirect funds towards her education. I spoke with her on Sathwika education and gave oppartunity in school without any financial burden. From then on, she attended school.

Sathwika proved to be exceptionally bright and excelled in her studies. She attended St. Joseph School for nine years, achieving outstanding results. In her tenth grade, she earned high marks, attaining a statewide rank and securing a government scholarship.With the support of FIAM, she proceeded to college, where she continued to excel, especially in her chosen field of engineering. Through divine grace, she aced her campus interviews and secured a software job in a highly reputable company.

Now, she is in her final year of engineering, set to face her concluding examinations in the upcoming months of March and April. Her life has transformed from child labor to a career in software development. St. Joseph School played a pivotal role by providing her with an education. Through this education and her job, Sathwika is poised to bring blessings to her family. Her success will pave the way for a positive change in the lives of generations to come.

Please keep Sathwika and her family in your prayers.

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