1226 survivors walking – ILA

(written by ILA staff members)

1226 brave men and women walked up to 10km each afternoon to come for Trauma Counseling.  

Because of our donors, I Live Again Uganda’s Trauma Counseling Team was able to get to this village every afternoon and bring healing, hope and remind each one that they still have an important purpose to live. 

This village was one of many affected by the war in northern Uganda.  Many of those that came to the Trauma Counseling Program had painful and traumatic stories of war.  Some shared of being abducted, some shared of the loss of loved ones, some shared about witnessing things that no one should ever have to see.  Some shared of sexual violence.  Some shared of being forced to do things that no one would ever want to or imagine doing to another fellow human being. 

Much of the trauma from the war that the beautiful and purposed filled men and women experienced in this village, has not been addressed.  Without addressing those wounds of the war, that pain pours into marriages, families, parenthood, workplaces and beyond. 


Hope can change the life of one ready to give up to one that is ready to live again. The need is great.  Imagine having over 1000 people walking for hours everyday looking for hope and a reason to live

Survivors of war need HOPE right now – can you become part of that hope?

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