PSD-Nepal expansion of Plastic collection programme

written by Bishnu Bhatta, country director of PSD-Nepal

In our commitment to bringing sustainable development to all corners of our nation, we have met with the Ward Chairman of Timure Village and are incredibly pleased to have reached an agreement with the community to include them in our mountain plastics waste management initiative.

With the opening of the Kerung China border, we have witnessed an increase in plastic waste in the village which prompted our meeting with the community. The focus was to find a solution which works best for the needs of the local community.

Plastic collection will soon begin in Timure. The agreeement reached highlights the crucial aspects of partnerhip in addressing environmental issues as well as the importance of community engagement.

New Dumping Sites in Langtang
Also in the Langtang region, working closely alongside the local communities, we have successfully established new, designated waste dumping sites in the villages of Kyangjin and Mundu. The region, which is revered for its natural beauty, is one of many which suffers from the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and as a result, the health of the local ecosystem lies at risk. In conversation with local authorities and community members, PSD Nepal has developed a designated location for waste collection ensuring that locals and visitors are able to easily dispose of their waste in a convenient, and environmentally conscious manner.

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