From trash to treasure: PSD Nepal

From Trash to Treasure – PSD’s Sustainable Plastics Project Community Awareness in Thamel.

written by Bishnu Bhatta, PSD Nepal director

We have recently completed a community awareness focused exhibition located in Chhaya Center in Thamel, Kathmandu, an event that was a resounding success for PSD’s Plastic Project initiative. Focused on informing the public about the project, our volunteers were able to engage with numerous citizens about the details of our plastic upcycling program, highlighting the environmental degradation that plastic pollution causes in Nepal while also letting those interested know of the practical steps they could take to contribute to the cleanup.

Our upcycling program consists of collecting plastic wastes from the local community and transforming it through sustainable, locally designed methods into useful, affordable everyday items. Currently, we have two sites of production located in Kathmandu as well as Sybrubensi, Rasuwa and we are looking to expand our production capabilities. This initiative helps us give this discarded plastic a second life, ensuring the safety of our local ecosystem and providing goods to the people of Nepal.

Additionally, we were able to make sales of our upcycled plastic products, showing the demand for sustainable products that leave a positive effect on the local environment. With a range of products from flowerpots to coasters, we at PSD Nepal remain focused on promoting sustainable practices that also work to benefit our community in tangible ways.

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