New science lab needed at Spurgeons

Kenya has recently undergone a transition from the old school curriculum to a new curriculum. As a result, students now only spend 6 years in primary rather than 8, and instead of moving from primary school at grade 8 straight to high school, they now go from primary school at grade 6 through to a junior secondary school, where they do grades 7 – 9 and then they end their schooling with three years at high school.

The outcome of this is that across the nation, Junior Secondary Schools (JSS’s) are being built. And at the decision of the government, they are being built in the same compound as primary schools.

So, Spurgeons Academy, like all other primary schools, is having to develop a JSS in the grounds of the school, and with no government funds to help them.

The authorities are allowing a grace period of gradual development of the different classrooms etc, but three items are urgently required. Top of that list is a science lab. At the moment, the students have access to 3 microscopes, but nothing else. So much more is required to enable the students to fulfil the requirements of their science curriculum.

Please pray for funds to enable the equipment to be bought, and for the classroom to be developed into a fully functioning science lab.

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