Insights into rural India

The following has been written by Janaki, who heads up our partner organisation in India. It is a story that really underlines the level of poverty and desperation that can be felt in certain ‘unforgotten’ parts of rural India. It is also a story that shows how those people aren’t ‘forgotten’ by God, but how He is nudging Janaki and others to seek them out and bring hope and healing.

Things are difficult for people of the non-majority faith out there just now, so we are not including any names or locations in this story. In this way we won’t implicate them, or enable others to seek them out.

‘One village story’ by Janaki:

This is the one village story from those 7 selected villages for gospel.

They don’t have even very important basic needs also for them. Very illiterate , no health provision for them, no hygienic drinking water, no school , they don’t have enough work for their livilyhood but they have many stone gods and tree gods. Some rich people are stolen their energy as slaves. Its toomuch painful their stories. Parents are selling their children as slaves for some money.

Remaining small children are beeing like as street children ,when our people gave a small busicut pack for the children , they were looking its a very new for them to eat and also feel like a great to have busicut pack for their life. That much of backward life they are having and leading. We are praying now to adopt that village to provide pure drinking water bore hole for that village, and stop selling their children to rich people for slavery work , proviede literacy training and teech need of health and that support and provide some work through small businesses for their livilyhood. Please pray for that.

From that village 12 people they accepted Jesus christ after proclamation of Gospel good news among them. And they repented for their life. This is great encouraging news for us.

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