Embroidery and tailoring to earn a new living

Ellilta, previously named Women At Risk, is one of CRED’s Ethiopian partners. Its focus is to help women to exit prostitution and also to support their children from getting caught up in the same work. It works in 3 cities in Ethiopia, each of which is renowned for the high demand for prostitutes by men living in, or passing through those locations.

Ellilta runs a highly successful rehabilitation for women who voluntarily express a desire to leave the street work that they are caught up in. It includes counselling, life skills training, access to medical care, and vocational training so that they can embark on alternative careers.

As part of the early stage of the programme, they undertake group craft sessions to develop some basic skills, and Helen recently visited the Adama programme to meet the girls on the course and to see some of the exquisite handiwork that they are producing.

For obvious reasons, no names or faces of the women on the programme are included, but below are some images of them at work, and also one of the dedicated team who support the women on this life-transforming programme

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