Day of celebration and thanksgiving at Spurgeons Academy

The staff, pupils and community of Spurgeons Academy started the new academic year recently with a wonderful day of celebration and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was given for the good ending of the previous year, and for health and resources to be able to start the new year. The success of the primary leaver candidates in their national exams was celebrated, and also those teachers whose students achieved particularly high marks. Special mention was made of Rose, the social worker for Spurgeons Academy who has been in post for 19 years, and who retired at the end of last year. Unfortunately due to ill-health Rose was not able to attend, but she was given a rousing round of applause in her absence.

The students entertained the parents with song and dance, Helen Harrison gave a (very short) overview presentation of 360Life, which the teachers have had recent and in-depth training on. The community leader also said some words, and the event ended up with food for all – parents, teachers, and pupils alike.

May the coming year continue to be a good one for all at Spurgeons after this lovely start.

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