Update on GNPDR street kids programme

An update from Pius, director of GNPDR:

Hello, I hope this finds you doing well. I just want to give you some updates about the GNPDR street kids programme. 

I am thrilled to report that we have been able to reach out to 53 children over the last 3 months. 35 children are full-time on the street while 18 children are part-time on the street (they spend the day on the street and go home at night). We have reintegrated 7 children back into their families and helped them to go back to school. We have provided school fees, uniforms, and other school materials for them to start their studies.

Jeremiah and Angelique (the programme staff) met with parents / Guardians of the children to discuss with them about their responsibility to take care of the children which may prevent them from going to the street. Follow-up visits will frequently be made to keep parents / guardians engaged and the children committed to education. 

We have also helped some of the children with medical care, especially those who had skin diseases, and broken arms. We have given them clothes, shoes, and meals. We bring them together on the pitch to play and after playing we take some time to talk to them about pertinent issues affecting their lives. 

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