First national exams sat at college

Vocational students across Uganda have recently been sitting the national exams to gain their DIT qualifications. DIT (Department of Industrial Training) is the Ugandan national examining board for vocational qualifications, and so all students must sit the DIT exams at a registered and approved examination site.

For the first time, students of the Nkuru Vocational College in rural Mityana, as set up by CRED Partner John Njendahayo, were able to sit these exams at their own college, rather than having to travel to another location. This is because, in October, the DIT board approved the application by Nkuru college to be a registered examination site, so paving the way for exams to take place at the college.

This is such a good thing for the students, as it allows them to sit the exams in familiar surroundings, and so reduce one aspect of stress associated with exams.

Having taken the exams, we now wait for the results to come out, which should be sometime in late February / March 2023. Fingers crossed for all the students!

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