Open Health day for Chisomo street kids – Zambia

Young people who are currently living on the streets of Lusaka in Zambia recently had the chance to get a medical check up from qualified professionals thanks to an Open Health Day that was conducted at the Chisomo drop in centre. Access to medical care is something that is usually very hard to come by, especially if you have no address, and no money to pay for the care, so for these young people, it was a very special day.

Two nurses, one pharmacist, one intern and two doctors provided health care screening and care for the 116 children who turned up. It took over 7 hours to see all the children, and during the day there was also opportunity for the children to have a meal, a wash, get a change of clothes, take part in various activities, and listen to health and hygiene talks by two community nurses.

Chisomo would like to have an open health day every year for the children living on the streets, and funds and sponsorship are being raised to this end.

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