Reality of life in India

‘Everywhere there is so much destruction, obstruction and inconvenience being faced by churches and Christian activities from Hinduthwa groups like RSS and VHP organisations. Due to the persecution on Christianity, many leaders were feeling disappointment on their ministry field.’

But a perfectly-timed message from the New Wine International team, delivered via zoom to a gathering of these church leaders, brought precious words and encouragement to those listening, as the following testimonies show.

Just a few days before, one gospel preacher along with his church went out for Preaching Gospel in some places. But some Hinduthwa people attacked them and forced them to say Jai Sriram (Hindu God name) and forcibly kept kumkuma (Bindhi) on their forehead. They were threatened very badly, warned to leave Christianity and burned all their bibles and Christian literatures. After that the pastor came to so much disappointment and decided to not go out to do gospel work.

In another part of the region one pastor was doing personal evangelism but one person came to him and scolded him very badly, burnt his Holy Bible and beat him severely to leave Christianity and Gospel.

Soon after, these two pastors and their church believers heard the message from New Wine through one of the participants who had attended the meeting where the New Wine team were ‘zoomed’ in. As a result, they were restored again very strongly and decided to continue their wonderful job with those words.

Another pastor who heard the message had been struggling to be able to worship God under the same roof as his congregation due to the restrictions that had been imposed by the anti-Christian people in his village. But after hearing the New Wine message, the pastor felt empowered by God and sent out an invitation to all his believers to come and do Sunday worship together.

The message looked at how to deal with our disappointments and how to face with patience to see the Glory of God and expansion of His kingdom. All who heard it felt that this message was selected by the Holy Spirit to motivate and encourage all who really need that in this time, and that it was a beautiful demonstration of how God knows exactly what we need to receive and when we need to receive it.

Janaki says ‘We praise God that He is working in our land, and that He is hearing our cries. India New Wine Team is working to root the New Wine Vision and Values in every church and every pastor. We are praying to reach more leaders and churches. There are lots of difficulties, but we are aiming to go forward with new energy and new hopes after lockdown.  

Please pray for New Wine India.

Yours in His service.
Sis Janaki & Team
New Wine India’.

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